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Looking to navigate UK taxes? Our HMRC tax calculator simplifies the HMRC tax calculation process for you. Whether you're wondering how to calculate tax in the UK or searching for a reliable tax calculator UK platform, we help you calculate UK tax quickly. Our tools are helping many taxpayers, so calculate away and make good decisions.

UK Capital Gains Tax Calculator

How much Capital Gains Tax (CGT) will you pay on a property disposal? A Capital Gain needs to be reported and paid to HMRC within 60 days of the property disposal. You can reduce and possibly mitigate the CGT tax liability before you sell the property investment. Use our free online Capital Gains Tax calculator to see how much tax you will need to pay over to HMRTC within 60 days. Our CGT tax calculators are free to use

HMRC Allowable Costs Income Tax Calculator

Are your property refurbishment costs capital or revenue? Our free online HMRC Revenue or capital property refurb calculator will help you work out how to allocate your refurbishment expenditure. We have provided you with clear examples of what expenses help you reduce your business rental income tax liabilities. We have provided some tips to minimise landlord tax on your property portfolio. Calculate and save on your UK income tax. Our allowable costs tax calculators are free to use

UK Stamp Duty calculator (Residential property)

Landlords, use our free online residential property UK Stamp Duty tax calculator to ensure that the tax calculations performed by your conveyance solicitor are correct. SDLT needs to be paid to HMRC within 14 days of purchase. Calculate your SDLT liability to check your solicitor's workings. Our Stamp Duty tax calculators are free to use

UK Stamp Duty calculator (Commercial property)

Please use our free online UK commercial property Stamp Duty tax calculator to ensure that the calculations performed by your conveyance solicitor are correct. SDLT needs to be paid to HMRC within 14 days of purchase. Calculate the Stamp Duty liability yourself to check your solicitor's workings.

UK Property rental income tax calculator

Limited company or in my personal name? It is hard to decide. There are many opinions on social media telling you what to do. That worked for them, but what about your unique financial situation? Use our online UK rental income tax calculator to see how much tax you might save. Income tax may be reduced if you calculate it first. Our property rental income tax calculators are free to use

UK Inheritance Tax (IHT) Calculator

How much UK inheritance Tax (IHT) will your estate pay to HMRC n your death? Use our free online Inheritance tax calculator to work out your possible IHT tax liabilities. It is possible to forward a plan on how to minimise your inheritance tax liability using our free online IHT tax calculator. Calculate the liability first and then identify strategies to save it later. Our IHT tax calculators are free to use

Many forms of HMRC taxation exist in the United Kingdom (UK).

Landlords and property investors ought to know that there is a personal income tax charge for properties owned in their name and a corporation tax charge for limited companies.

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is charged by HMRC whenever you purchase a buy-to-let property. There is a banded rate of SDLT, and there are two Stamp Duty surcharges. The first Stamp Duty additional rate is the 3% rate, which is charged whenever you buy a second property in your name or any property within a limited company. There is also a 2% foreign Stamp Duty surcharge for non-tax residents that purchase residential properties in the UK. Use our UK residential Stamp Duty tax calculator to see how much you will need to pay. It helps you validate that what the conveyance solicitor is telling you is correct. We have also created a UK commercial property (non-residential) Stamp Duty tax calculator.

The UK rental income tax calculator helps landlords to understand how much UK tax HMRC will charge them on the buy-to-let rental profits. Section 24 means that mortgage interest cannot be 100% offset against your rental profits if they are owned in your name. This rental income tax calculator helps you to compare the tax difference between personal ownership Vs a limited company when purchasing residential property investments.

Landlords that use a limited company will be forgiven for thinking there is a fixed tax rate of 19%. Things have changed since April 2023, and there are two new rates that landlords need to be aware of. There is a marginal effective tax rate of 26.5% and a rate of 25% once the limited company profits exceed £250,000. Property investors can determine how much they will need to pay HMRC using the UK corporation tax calculator.

Landlords that purchase buy-to-let properties may choose to refurbish it. These refurbishment works allow landlords to charge more for the property's monthly rental. The refurbishment costs are categorised into two elements. The first refurbishment category is tax allowance costs. This means that these allowable refurbishment costs may act as a cost and be offset against your rental income. This means less profit will be made and less tax paid to HMRC. The second category relates to capital costs. These costs may help landlords to decrease the capital gains, which in turn means less UK CGT payable to HMRC. You can see how much cost you can use to reduce income tax or capital gains tax using our online UK allowable costs tax calculator.

Landlords wishing to dispose of a UK property must pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to HMRC within 60 days of disposal. The Capital Gains Tax liability is difficult to calculate given the various reliefs for Private Residence Relief, Annual CGT exemptions and loss relief for prior years. Using our online tax calculator, you can work out how much UK Capital Gains Tax you need to pay.

Inheritance Tax is a tax that HMRC applies when you die. You will leave assets to loved ones, but you will pay a 40% Inheritance tax once you go over your lifetime allowances. Your annual lifetime allowances may fall between £325,000 and £500,000, depending on your situation. Anything above the UK lifetime allowance is taxed at 40%. You can work out how much UK inheritance Tax you will pay using our online tax calculator.

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