Non-Residential Stamp Duty Land Tax calculator

Non Residential Stamp Duty Land Tax

You need to pay Stamp Duty to HMRC when you are buying a commercial building such as:

– An office

– A restaurant

– A shop

– A warehouse

There are many other types of properties that can go under the heading “commercial” for Stamp-Duty-Land-Tax purposes to be charged at non-residential rates.

You may wonder if commercial (non-residential) property is worth investing in. Many of our clients choose to invest in residential buy to let properties. This is because many UK landlords understand residential properties more than commercial properties. There are many advantages of investing in commercial (non-residential) property.

For example

– The mortgage costs may be fully offset against the rental income of the commercial property. This is no longer the case for residential buy-to-let properties due to Section 24.

– Tenants are usually responsible for the commercial (non-residential) property’s upkeep but not for a residential property. The responsibility to maintain the residential property falls on the landlord.

– The rental agreement for a commercial property can be 25 years compared to an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) on a residential property that may be just 6 months.

– Pensions can invest directly into a commercial property but not residential property.

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Residential Property Stamp Duty Land Tax calculator

Please note that this Stamp Duty calculator is to help you work out the SDLT tax when buying a commercial (non-residential)  property. Please use our free residential property stamp duty land tax calculator if you want to work out the tax liability of buying a residential buy to let property.

Have you overpaid Stamp Duty Land Tax?

We can help you recover overpaid SDLT when buying a residential, mixed use or commercial property? Please tell us about your overpayment to see if we can get it back from HMRC

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Use our commercial (non-residential) Stamp Duty Land Tax Calculator

Please use our online Stamp Duty Calculator to work out the tax you will pay when purchasing a commercial (non-residential) property investment. We recommend that you work with your solicitor and proper tax advisor when you calculate the Stamp Duty tax of buying a commercial (non-residential) property.

We have found that many conveyance solicitors use generic HMRC Stamp Duty tax calculators. Often the case many mistakes are made, and landlords overpay SDLT necessarily.
Optimise Accountants cannot take responsibility for the numbers produced on this page nor for the decision you make using these numbers.

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