UK Capital Gains Tax Calculator

How to use our free Capital Gains Tax Calculator

We have created a capital gains tax calculator to help you work out your gain on the sale of your residential buy to let property or commercial property. The capital gains tax calculator is free to use. Reviewing the links above should help you find new ways to reduce your HMRC capital gains liability.

If you are selling a property, it is wise to work out your HMRC Capital Gains liability before selling. By doing this, we can help you reduce the amount you pay.

Our tips to get the best from our free Capital Gains tax calculator.

– Collect all your original completion statements of the property purchase/sale

– Retrieve all your capital costs of the property when it was refurbished (includes items such as windows, doors, kitchens, bathroom suites etc.). These are costs not already put through on your self-assessment tax return

– Log of the dates you purchased the property, lived in, rented and sold. This will be useful if you claim the Private Residence Relief on the property sale.

– Estimate your taxable income for the tax year you sell the buy to let property. This will be required to pay the right amount of capital gains for basic rate and high rate taxpayers.

Capital Gains Tax when selling a property investment


We are delighted to provide you with a free tax calculator to work out your capital gains tax liability that you need to report and pay to HMRC within 60 days of sale. CGT is based on the gain made, which is the difference between the property sales price and the purchase price & associated costs of the buy to let property.

We have written an article on how you can reduce the Capital Gains Tax liability when selling a buy to let property investment. If you lived in the property being sold you can claim Private Residence Relief also known as PRR to reduce your CGT liability that is to be paid to HMRC. It is also possible to gift a buy to let property to a child without paying capital gains tax. Did you also know that you can use a deed of trust to split the property gains between husband/wife/civil partners to utilise their annual CGT exemptions?

Please do not forget that you can rollover a capital gain on a Furnished Holiday Let

Reduce Capital Gains Tax

Have you sold a property or plan to sell a property? If you have made a gain you may have a Capital Gains Tax liability. There are many ways to legally reduce your CGT liability

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