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Our team of qualified property & international tax advisors enables you to maximise wealth whilst being tax efficient.

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Strategic property tax advisors.

Many of our UK and international clients that wish to invest in property come to us to save tax, which is a big subject. These range across SDLT, VAT, income tax, corporation tax, Capital Gains Tax, and finally Inheritance Tax. People who wish to buy to let property investments typically know about one form of taxation. We are here to ensure they are aware of all taxes and legally mitigate them.

Why go to all the trouble investing in an asset, only to pay HMRC all of your earnings?


Invest in the right property at the right time in the right tax structure

Download our 2021 updated property investment guide here

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We are here to support international and UK clients invest in real estate properties

Accounts and tax returns.

When we start working together, our property tax consultants complete a 100-point assessment of your tax returns. This lets you know they’re completely accurate and that you’re taking advantage of all relevant tax reductions.

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International & Property tax consultations.

Our tax advisors pro-actively research tax issues applicable to your individual situation and present the best solutions.

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Tax agent.

Don’t fancy dealing with HMRC directly? No problem. Our tax agent service means that we liaise directly with the organisation, leaving you alone to run your business interests and enjoy the income they generate.

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Here for you.

Making financial decisions is never easy when investing in commercial or residential property. It becomes even more difficult for international investors that purchase UK buy to let properties.

There are many elements of tax in the UK and worldwide.

The number one question is this: Which tax structure should I buy the next property investment?

Our qualified accountants and tax advisors are here to answer that question. Our solution does not just meet the requirement for the immediate term but also the long term.

Tax questions that have been wrestling in your mind for what seems like eternity may be quickly resolved within just a couple of hours of talking to us.

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Why Optimise Accountants?

We do not hire part qualified accountants. Many complaints we hear about other accounting firms are that they cannot answer the question and must wait for a senior to respond. This creates nothing but delays and frustration.

Clients that book one-off tax consultations or take us up on our retained services speak with a qualified accountant and qualified tax advisor.


Tax support.



Self Assessments

£99.95 inc VAT/mo

What's included?

  • Self Assessment Tax Return
  • Act as your HMRC agent
  • Tax calls when you want them
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Limited company accounts

£139.95 inc VAT/mo

What's included?

  • Accounts to Companies House
  • Tax Returns to HMRC
  • Tax calls when you want them
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Self Assessment & Company Accounts

£239.90 Inc VAT/mo

What's included?

  • Self Assessment Returns
  • Limited Company Returns
  • Tax calls when you want them
Self Assessment & Company Accounts

“Not sure if you want to sign up to our service or book a tax call? No problem, why not register for one of our free live events to get your questions answered?

The Property Expert Panel

The Property Expert Panel

Live – 1st Monday of every month Our Property Expert Panel live events provide property investors and property developers with an opportunity to ask their questions to the panel members. The session is a relaxed environment where people starting out in property or seasoned professionals can engage with the panel to get their views on all aspects of property investing. We cover an array of subjects from finance, law and of course tax. This is a great place to be in order for you to learn from others as well as the panel experts.

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Property and business tax Q&A

It is always worth asking a good question to get the answer that you need. There is a great saying. "You do not know what you do not know". How can you possibly ask a question if you are not even aware of it? This is why Optimise Accountants have put together a show to help people understand the tax implications of their business and property-related activities. A lot may be learned by simply listening to other people ask questions and understanding the answers to see how they may relate to you.

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    Property tax knowledge hub.

    Stay up to date with the latest property tax legislation with insight from our senior property accountants.

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    Consultation options.

    We offer the two following options for initial consultations.


    Discuss our monthly retained accountancy services

    This is a call to discuss our monthly retained accountancy services. This is not a tax call

    • Discuss our monthly retained accountancy services

    • Talk to use about your situation

    • Tell us what tax pains you have

    • We will look into your case and identify the right service for you

    Discuss our services


    Pro active tax advice

    (Free for clients)

    Need tax advice right now? Let us identify the tax solution

    • Upload your questions in advance

    • All of our Tax Advisors collectively discuss your questions in the morning

    • One of our qualified tax advisors will provide the very best solution to you

    • We follow up with an email and a recording of the meeting

    • You and the tax advisor will clear up any remaining questions in an email exchange

    Tax call from £699.95

    Booking your appointment.