US & UK Property Accountants & Tax Advisors

Celebrating 20 years from 2003 to 2023


Our US/UK accountants & advisors help their clients build wealth through Real Estate Property whilst being tax efficient.

Build wealth whilst being tax efficient.

We care for our client's wealth by providing monthly Zoom collaborative meetings to identify and discuss US and UK real estate property deals. We are unlike all other “property tax specialists”. We want to help our clients build wealth by bringing deals to the table. We provide a platform for clients to learn from one another in our supportive community. Does your accountant do this?

Communication is key.

Our clients are provided with a caring, qualified accountant to handle all their tax-related questions and returns to HMRC (UK) and the IRS (US). We answer your emails within 1-3 working days. Calls may be booked with your allocated account manager within two working days.


We help our real estate property investing clients identify the most tax-allowable costs to maximise their tax deductions.

Many real estate property investors be it in the USA & the UK are not advised of all the right rental income tax deductions. We are real estate property advisors and will help you maximise those write offs.

Streamline your HMRC and IRS rental income submissions to the IRS & HMRC03

US & UK Property tax return preparation & accounting services

Rental income tax return services

We ensure you file your returns on time and are compliant

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Property & rental income accounting advisors

Our proactive advisors will find the very best legal & ethical IRS & HMRC tax breaks

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Your conduit with HMRC & the IRS

We shield you from HMRC and IRS enquiries

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It Pays To Get The Right Specialist Advisor 04

Streamlining returns to HMRC and the IRS for Americans & British Investors

Expats who own real estate property investments face many tax traps. Our US & UK qualified accountants advise you to invest in the right tax structure before it is too late.

Let Optimise help you.


We understand UK & US expat & property rental income tax accounting 05

Demystifying the IRS & HMRC complexities as a property investment owner

Our expert team of property specialisms includes US international expat tax preparers (EA) and UK qualified accountants (ACCA & ATT) who provide support to individuals with advice about their property investments in both the US and the UK.

Our goal is to help you stay compliant with the reporting requirements and pay the least amount to the IRS and HMRC.

US & UK accounting & reporting with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and HMRC 06

Helping you build wealth through property whilst being tax efficient in the US & UK

Our US / UK Services07


UK Self Assessments

£99.95 / $129.95/mo

What's included?

  • Tax Return to HMRC
  • Dedicated UK based ACCA Specialist
  • Pre & post year end reviews
  • Detailed onboarding call
  • Unlimited 30-minute calls
  • 0 to 999 properties same price
  • 2 working day email turnaround
  • Meeting notes sent in 24 hours
  • HMRC investigation insurance
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UK Limited Co Accounts

£139.95 or $179.95/mo

What's included?

  • Returns to Companies House & HMRC
  • Dedicated UK based ACCA accountant
  • Pre & post year end reviews
  • Detailed onboarding call
  • Unlimited 30-minute calls
  • 0 to 999 properties same price
  • 2 working day email turnaround
  • Meeting notes sent in 24 hours
  • HMRC investigation insurance
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US 1040 Returns

£129.95 / $149.95/mo

What's included?

  • Dedicated UK/US qualified accountant
  • 1040 Returns to the IRS
  • Inc forms FBAR, 1116, 2555, 5471, more
  • Pre & post year end reviews
  • IRS agent
  • Unlimited tax support
  • 60-minute onboarding call
  • 2 working day email turnaround
  • Meeting notes sent in 24 hours
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Do I need a an accountant near me?

Meeting with your advisor was essential, in the past. We use online platforms to book calls with our qualified (ACCA/ATT/EA) specialists when you want them. These meetings are hosted live and recorded so that you can replay them anytime. This is not possible with face-to-face meetings. So now we do not believe you need “an accountant near me?”.

Book a tax call

“Not sure if you want to sign up to our service or book a tax call? No problem, why not register for one of our free live events to get your questions answered?


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Advice when you need it most09

Explore US & UK property & Expat Guides

Stay up to date with the latest IRS & HMRC legislation

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Consultation options.

We offer the two following options for initial consultations.


Our Ongoing Accountancy Services

We charge on a fixed monthly fee

  • - Accounts submitted to HMRC & Companies House

  • - Tax support when needed (no extra charge)

  • - An holistic review of your tax structure and future plans

  • - Annual tax return review to discuss future tax plans


Tax Call + Report + Video Recording

Want tax advice right now? Book today

  • - Upload your questions in advance

  • - A qualified tax advisors discuss the very best solution with you

  • - A tax report & meeting recording is sent within 48 hours

  • - Clarification questions are answered via email

Booking your appointment.