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Two qualified staff members complete our 100 point checklist on your tax returns. This provides peace of mind that they are accurate and you take advantage of all tax reductions pertinent to your situation.

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£69.95 inc VAT/mo

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  • Unlimited 30 minute tax consultations
  • Self assessment submission - 100 point quality assured check list
  • Section 24 & tax planning annual reviews
  • Two working day email turnaround


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£129.95 inc VAT/mo

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Limited company compliance work

  • Unlimited 30 minute tax consultations
  • Accounts & tax returns - 150 quality assured check list
  • Annual confirmation statements


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  • Access to our monthly webinars
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£199.90 inc VAT/mo

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Self Assessment & Limited Company

  • Unlimited 30 minute tax consultations
  • Self assessment & limited company accounts
  • Tax planning combining the self assessment and limited company accounts
  • Limited company price discounted


  • Optimise Accountants App
  • Access to our monthly webinars
  • Access to our online community portal


What burning tax questions do we solve?

We anticipate you will have many tax questions that need answering. Our monthly retained service allows you to book unlimited tax calls with us to answer your questions.

How does IR35 affect my work as a doctor, GP or locum?

IR35 was introduced to stop doctors, GPs and locums being tax efficient us: ing limited companies. Read more here to see how our accountants for medics, doctors and GPs can help you:

How do I extract cash out of a limited company in the most tax efficient way?

There are many ways in which you can extract money from a limited company. The most obvious ones are wages and dividends. However, there are many golden nuggets that may be extracted from your limited company gold mine. Please see this article to see how you can extract more than just wages and dividends. Article:

How do I mitigate Capital Gains Tax on a disposal of an asset?

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) will be charged when you sell a buy to let property and you have made a taxable gain. However, it is possible to minimise the amount of CGT that is paid to zero. Please read our article as we explore the many ways in which CGT may be reduced

How does the NHS pay for my GP premises?

As a GP practice, you will be provided an allowance from the NHS and is part of the GP rent reimbursement valuation. It is possible to challenge the valuation to ensure that you are paid a fair market privicd for the premises that you provide for patient care. See the article for more details:

What costs may I offset against my medical income as a GP locum?

There are many GP locums that are paying far too much tax. This is because they are not providing for the costs that may help them reduce their taxable income. In this article, we explore the many different types of costs that a GP locum may offset against their medical income.

Can I buy a building for my GP practice using my pension?

One of the biggest missed opportunities is for GP doctors to use their pension to buy the building that they work from. It is possible to use your pension to buy a building and the rent collected from the NHS and other doctors may be paid into the pension pot. The income generated in the pension is not taxed, nor is the capital growth of the building. In this article, we explore how you can set up a SIPP pension:

How can I gift my assets to my children to avoid IHT?

It is possible to gift a buy to let property investment to a child. In the majority of times, you will pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) when passing a buy to let property to a child. However, using a trust wrapper allows you to use your IHT lifetime allowance rather than being charged CGT. See the article for more details:

How do I transfer a property into a limited company?

Transferring properties to a limited company from your personal name will in the majority of occasions incur a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) charge on uoi as the seller. You will also have a Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) charge by the purchasing limited company. Both of these may be avoided using the incorporation reliefs of moving properties to a limited company via a partnership. Read our article here:

When does Stamp Duty Land tax apply to property developers and when doesn’t it?

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a tax that is paid by property investors and developers when a property is purchased. There is also the new 3% SDLT surcharge that applies to residential property investments. However, like many taxes SDLT is optional. As a property developer, it is possible not to pay SDLT on residential property investments. In this article, we explore the many ways in which SDLT may be avoided altogether:

How does Section 24 (mortgage interest relief) affect my tax position?

Section 24 mortgage interest relief cap started to come into effect 2017/18 with the reduction of 25% to the amount of mortgage interest that is allowed to be offset against your property income. From 2020/21 landlords will no longer be able to offset mortgage interest against their property income. This means that the majority of landlords will pay more tax. In this article, we explore what Section 24 is, how it will affect you as a property investor and what may be done to mitigate its effect. Article:

What are the benefits of having a NHS pension?

The NHS pension is a difficult area for many GP doctors to understand. This is because the NHS do not provide enough education or information on this subject matter in a way that it is easy to understand. There have also been a number of changes to the NHS pension. In this article, we explore what the NHS pension is and how the changes affect you as a GP locum.

What VAT considerations do I need to have for serviced accommodation?

Rent is normally VAT exempt. Therefore many landlords will not charge their tenant's VAT on their rent. However, this is a little more complex for those that have serviced accommodation/holiday lets. Once your turnover exceeds £85,000 you will need to register for VAT. This could be a problem as you may lose business by charging this extra 20% cost. In this article, we explore the implications of VAT and how you could use the flat rate scheme to mitigate the potential negative impact. Article:

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