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Our property tax accountants help landlords run their rental business tax efficiently

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Our property tax accountants focus on landlords running a successful rental business.

There are many taxes that affect landlords running a rental business in the United Kingdom or the United States. A specialist property accountant is a must if you want to be tax efficient.

UK tax: Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT), Value Added Tax (VAT), income/corporation tax, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Inheritance Tax (IHT) that is dealt with by HMRC

US taxes: income/corporation tax, GILTI, FATCA, FBAR, Capital Gains Tax, FIRPTA, Exchange 1031, Estate Tax that is dealt with by the IRS

We are seeing more landlords run their property business through property investment companies due to the tax savings. Could this work for you?
Work with one of our buy to let accountants to set up your property investment company.


Landlords that build wealth through buy to let properties with the help of our buy to let accountants.

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We are here to support landlords that invest in buy to lets whilst being tax efficient

Personal & company accounts & tax returns

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Property tax Accountants are here to serve you.

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Your tax conduit with the IRS & HMRC

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Landlords running a rental business need to be tax efficient and our property tax accountants are here to help.

It does not matter if you are British, or American. You need to reduce real estate property tax across The Atlantic. The same questions exist. How do I hold estate property? Do I need a property investment company?

Foreign expats that invest in buy to let property can own these investments in their own name or a private investment company. Care must be taken when using a property limited company because the IRS (In the US) may tax you on your worldwide income depending on your citizenship and tax resident status.

Expats living or investing in the United States can also own property in their name or an LLC or C Corporation. Our advice to expats investing in US property should not own property in their name because of the legal issues in America. You are best to use an LLC or C Corporation as an expat investing in the United States.

Landlords that run a property business come to Optimise to help with their international tax needs. Our property tax accountants are here to help you today.


International property accountants serving landlords across the globe

Our property tax accountants are fully qualified ACA/ACCA/ATT


Trusted property tax accountants by thousands of landlords across the globe



Tax return to HMRC

£99.95 inc VAT/mo

What's included?

  • Tax Return to HMRC
  • Act as your tax agent
  • 30-min tax calls whenever needed
  • 60-minute tax onboarding call
  • 30-min tax strategy calls upon tax submission

1040 tax returns to the IRS

£99.95 inc VAT/mo

What's included?

  • Tax return to the IRS
  • Act as your tax agent
  • 30-min tax calls whenever needed
  • 60-minute tax onboarding call
  • 30-min tax strategy calls upon tax submission

Limited Company Accounts

£129.95 inc VAT/mo

What's included?

  • Accounts and tax returns
  • Act as your tax agent
  • 30-min tax calls whenever needed
  • 60-minute tax onboarding call
  • 30-min tax strategy calls upon tax submission

Do I need a property accountant near me?

Many moons ago, when there was no electricity or technology, it was essential to meet with your property tax accountant. Nowadays, with health concerns and social distancing with COVID19, we believe in keeping our clients safe. This is why we choose to use online platforms to book calls with our qualified property tax specialists when you want them. These meetings are hosted live and recorded so that you can replay them at any time. This is not possible with face to face meetings. So now we do not believe you need a “property accountant near me?”.

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“Not sure if you want to sign up to our service or book a tax call? No problem, why not register for one of our free live events to get your questions answered?

The Property Expert Panel

The Property Expert Panel

Live – 1st Monday of every month Our Property Expert Panel live events provide property investors and property developers with an opportunity to ask their questions to the panel members. The session is a relaxed environment where people starting out in property or seasoned professionals can engage with the panel to get their views on all aspects of property investing. We cover an array of subjects from finance, law and of course tax. This is a great place to be in order for you to learn from others as well as the panel experts.

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Property and business tax Q&A

It is always worth asking a good question to get the answer that you need. There is a great saying. "You do not know what you do not know". How can you possibly ask a question if you are not even aware of it? This is why Optimise Accountants have put together a show to help people understand the tax implications of their business and property-related activities. A lot may be learned by simply listening to other people ask questions and understanding the answers to see how they may relate to you.

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Property and Business Tax: Live Q&A

Wednesday 18th May, 8pm BST

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Landlords: Please tell us more about your circumstances and our accountants will get back in contact with you in two working days


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    Stay up to date with the latest property tax legislation with insight from our senior property tax accountants.

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    Our Ongoing Accountancy Services

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    • - Accounts submitted to HMRC & Companies House

    • - One hour onboarding tax call

    • - Unlimited 30 minute tax calls

    • - An holistic review of your tax structure and future plans

    • - Annual tax return review to discuss future tax plans

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