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Increasing property tax on UK landlords

From 6 April 2017, Section 24 of the Finance Act means that mortgage interest relief no longer benefits from full tax relief. This means that most UK landlords will pay more income tax on their buy to let properties. This is because you cannot deduct mortgage interest costs from your property income to calculate income tax.

Why move properties into a limited company?


Income tax savings

Section 24 means that most of our high-rate taxpaying clients are paying closer to 60% property tax because they can no longer offset mortgage interest against their income. You can offset all mortgage interest costs in a limited company.


More income tax savings

Corporation tax is 19% compared to income tax rates of 20% basic rate, 40% high rate and 45% for additional rate. Do not forget that income tax rates are actually higher than this because of S24


Even more income tax savings

Using a limited company and alphabet shares means that you can allocate tax free dividends to adult children, spouses and your own parents. There are ways that you can extract up to £20,000 tax free cash out of your company

How property incorporation helps you save tax

Example 1:

If James had the property in a limited company the corporation tax rate on the £15,000 profit would be 19%. Corporation tax liability would be £2,850 resulting in a significant tax saving of £4,150 per year.

The corporation tax rate on the £15,000 profit, if James had the property in a limited company, would be 19%. The corporation tax liability would be £2,850. This is a significant tax saving of £4,150 per year.

Example 2:

A client had over £3million worth in his property portfolio, and it was identified that he had a terminal disease. We determined that £1.6m IHT would have to be paid to HMRC.

How on earth do you plan to pay £1.6m?

Thankfully, we identified a lot of simple, legal, and practical plans to reduce the inheritance tax liability from £1.6m to £400,000. It is still a lot of money to pay HMRC, but it was worth hosting the call to save £1.2m.

The use of freezer shares and growth shares mitigates future growth in the hands of parents and immediately passes onto children, thus avoiding the IHT trap


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