US IRS Tax Calculators | Calculate & save

Suppose you are paying taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In that case, you will need to work out your tax liability as an American resident, a US citizen living abroad or a foreign "alien" living in the United States.

US Income Tax calculator - 1040 IRS Taxes - Calculate and save before December, 15

Work out how much income taxes you need to pay The IRS on your next 1040 tax filing on April 15. The amount of income tax that you need to pay The IRS will depend on the amount of money paid and taxes already withheld.

Foreign Investment In Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) Taxes Calculator

Work out how much FIPTA taxes you will need to pay to the IRS if you sell a residential real estate property investment whilst leaving the United States. It is the responsibility of the seller's attorney to withhold the 15% tax rate.

Capital Gains Tax Calculator - Real Estate Property

Work out how much Capital Gains Tax you need to pay The IRS when you sell Residential Real Estate Property on your next 1040 tax return submission on April 15.

The United States (US) have many taxes and tax calculationsfor you to consider as a real estate property investor.These tax liabilities need to be paid to The Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Sales tax is a liability when you buy products.The sales tax rate will vary from state to state in the US. It sometimes pays to shop in a state where you do not live to save money.

Homeowners and real estate residential property investors must pay Property Taxes whenever they buy a home and annually after that. The one benefit, if there is one, is that your federal tax is reduced by Property Taxes paid.

Americans living abroad or anyone a tax resident in the United States have to file taxes to the IRS through the 1040 tax return. The 1040 tax return for income tax needs to be filed by April; 15. Foreigners have until June, 15 to file and pay their tax liability.

People that leave the US will have to pay FIRPTA if they sell an investment property. The 15% FIRPTA tax is based on the gross proceeds received from the sale of the residential property. FIRPTA tax may be reclaimed upon submitting the 1040 tax return, including capital gains tax.

Capital Gains Tax is a tax liability for anyone that sells a home or an investment property. Taxpayers must pay Capital Gains Tax to the IRS as part of the 1040 tax filing requirement. The amount of Capital Gains Tax varies from 0%, 15% or 20% depending on the taxpayers’ earnings. There may also be an income tax charge if depreciation was deemed to have been claimed on previous tax returns.

An estate tax is a liability on death. The estate tax payable to the IRS will depend on the value of assets passed from the dying party to their loved ones.

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