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Disguised remuneration: schemes affected by the loan charge

By Simon Misiewicz Article relevant to the tax year 2018/19 Have you been told to set up a disguised remuneration scheme to avoid tax? Are you aware that HMRC are now attacking these schemes? HMRC have published a memorandum for anyone that is involved in a disguised remuneration scheme in order to avoid paying the right […]

Doctors and locums – Allowable costs to reduce your taxable profit

 By Simon Misiewicz Article relevant to the tax year 2018/19 Are you self employed and / or have private work as a locum doctor or other medical professional? Are you looking for ways to reduce your tax bill whilst building your wealth? Our team of medical professional accountants are focused on creating greater revenues […]

CGT update for property investors – Draft Finance Bill 2018/2019 CGT

By Simon Misiewicz Article relevant to the tax year 2020/21 How will the Draft Finance Bill 2018/2019 affect you as a property investor for CGT purposes?  The draft Finance Bill includes several measures that will affect property sales in the UK. This article is focusing on Capital Gains Tax (CGT). A new requirement to notify HMRC […]

The power of reviewing your numbers with your finance director

Do you wish to make money? Do you review the financial performance of your business? People often start a business as they have a great idea to make money. It is a stark contrast to starting a business and then reviewing the financial performance down the line.  You can set off in your car without looking at […]

Are you challenging NHS on their rent reimbursement valuation?

Article relevant to the tax year 2017/18 Are you a GP surgery that is losing out on valuable income because your rent reimbursement is too low? What is rent reimbursement? Notional Rent is a method of reimbursement for GPs who own their own GP surgery premises and use it for approved NHS purposes. The Premises Costs Directions 2013 […]

Property Investor Guide – 6th edition – 2018 update

 We have just launched the latest property investment guide for 2018 (6th edition). There are no 28 pages to this insightful read. The new sections are: – Update on the property market for 2018 – Section 24 mortgage interest relief cap issues – Consideration of mortgages for IHT purposes – More focus on the […]

What are the changes to the NHS pension scheme since 1998/2015 and April 2015

Article relevant to the tax year 2017/18 Are you contributing towards the NHS pension scheme? Are you unsure what the benefits and dis-benefits of your NHS pension? Pension contributions limits There are many tax advantages of contributing into a pension for medical professionals such as doctors, locums and dentists as outlined in my previous article here. […]

Additional benefits of using a Limited Company

Article relevant to the tax year 2017/18 Are you looking to maximise the benefits of your Limited Company? I have already written an article to explain the most tax-efficient way of taking salary and dividends out of a Limited Company. Part of this article I also recommended how to invest into your retirement into a […]

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