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Simon Misiewicz

12th October 2017

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Are you looking to start or growing an existing business?

You may be a medical professional or a member of the police force that is looking for a free business planning tool to help you start or grow your business. In this document we have provided the user with a series of questions for you to consider the answers, which in turn helps you to generate the income and costs. These figures will help you to create a realistic business plan, month by month, which is essential for cash flow purposes.

Here are some good questions for you to answer when you are planning for business success

What is your product / service? What is the benefit to the customer? What is unique against competitors? What is better than your customers? What is not so good as your competitors? Price: What is the price of your product / service? Is your price high or low? How does this compare against competitors? Place Where will you market your product? Where will your product/service be sold? How will customers consume your product/service? Promotion How will your website be used? What social media platforms will be used? How do your competitors promote themselves? How will you monitor the marketing effectiveness? Will you provide discount codes / promotions? Quality assurance What are your quality standards? How will these be measured?

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