Post-Brexit opportunities for property investors in 2017

Chris Street

5th January 2017

Post-Breixt opportunities for property investors

By Louise Misiewicz

My team of property tax experts at Optimise Accountants have been reviewing updates around developments for the property investment sector post-Brexit.

We wrote in-depth here last Summer as the Brexit fall-out began, indicating that for property investors willing to wait out the initial storm, the Brexit decision could present some positive opportunities.

What opportunities will property investors see post-Brexit?

Some property industry commentators are predicting that 2017 will present some very real and lucrative opportunities for savvy property investors in the UK looking to make in-roads from the Brexit vote.

Property developers in the City have been reporting strong performances across their property portfolios in the second half of the year following the Brexit announcement.

This is in the face of uncertainty, and difficulties in the immediate aftermath of Brexit for property investors. As we predicted in mid-2016, braving the initial post-Brexit storm was a wise choice.

Is rental growth still strong despite the Brexit decision?

Another interesting development post-Brexit, and one which our property tax experts believe will continue in 2017, is the increased demand for rental properties across the UK.

Investor appetite has increased across the property sector, with no sign of depression in the buy-to-let market. In fact, my property tax team are busier than ever before, with new landlord clients on board.

Confidence in the property investment sector continues to remain buoyant, and I believe that post-Brexit the strong rental demand will remain, with positive confidence in the property sector in the UK ongoing.

How can property investors protect their portfolios?

One of the simplest ways to protect your property investment portfolio is to ensure that you have the right professional advice on board.

One of the most cost-effective and hassle-free ways to achieve this is by engaging with my team of property tax experts, to ensure that they can help you to focus on the following areas:

How to reduce property tax

How to minimise CGT

How to decrease tax on HMOs

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