Google will award £2m into technology based charities


Louise Misiewicz

Tax Consultant

5th April 2013

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 5th April 2013

Google launched a new competition that will award £2m to four UK non-profits using technology for social change. Charities and other non-profit social ventures are invited to submit their ideas by 17 April 2013.

The top ten finalists will pitch their ideas to demonstrate how their technology will improve lives to a judging panel which includes Sir Richard Branson, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Jilly Forster.

The panel will choose three winners. Each winner will get a £500,000 Global Impact Award, as well as Chromebooks and technical assistance from Googlers. Over the whole judging process the public will be encouraged to donate to all ten finalists.

Sir Stephen Bubb, Acevo’s chief executive said “The Global Impact Challenge is a stunning way to highlight, celebrate, and develop cutting-edge work within the 21st century charitable sector.  For Google to turn its entrepreneurial zeal towards social innovation, working with Acevo in such an open-spirited way, will result in much-needed resource and good news for hard-pressed charities. It’s thrilling to know how similar Google and Acevo’s approach is in celebrating innovation.

I feel that this is the start of a great corporate friendship.”

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, judge and inventor of the World Wide Web, added: “The Web’s contribution to economic progress has been much celebrated, but I believe that we are only scratching the surface of its potential to solve social and political problems.

On behalf of the World Wide Web Foundation, I’m delighted to join Google in this exciting and innovative initiative.”

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