BuyToLet Reduce UK Property Capital Gains Tax

Avoiding Capital Gains Tax on property UK

Common UK Capital Gains Tax questions when selling a residential property investment. By Simon Misiewicz Article relevant to the tax year 2020-21 In this article, we are going to answer the following: What are your capital gains tax annual allowances in the UK? How can you use delayed completions to utilise your annual capital gains […]

Stamp Duty Land Tax for Property Investors

The rules apply to you both as if you were buying the property together, even if you’re not.Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a charge that applies when purchasing land. You can buy a movable building but not pay SDLT. It is the land, not the building that will cost you SDLT. SDLT needs to […]

Using holding company tax structures as a property investor or developer

We are not going to discuss the benefits of a limited company as we have done this in this article. However, it is sometimes beneficial to open multiple limited companies for the purposes of risk mitigation and tax planning. Conversely, it may be difficult to perform tax planning if someone has multiple companies. Which companies should […]

Section 24 Mortgage Interest Relief Cap

What is Section 24 mortgage interest relief? The new tax rules You may be interested in our main article “buy to let tax for UK landlords”. This article discusses all the different types of tax that you need to be aware of as a UK landlord. HMRC in all its wisdom will say that the mortgage […]

Basics of mitigating Inheritance Tax Planning

Each person is provided with a nil rate band for IHT purposes of £325,000. A husband/wife or civil partnership would benefit from an IHT lifetime allowance of £650,000 as they each get the £325,000 amount. If this nil rate band has not been used upon death, it may be passed onto your spouse. Any assets […]

Transfer Properties To Limited Company

How to incorporate a company UK Are you frustrated by the government’s recent attacks on property investors? Are you thinking about incorporating your property business to avoid some of the worst effects? You may be interested in our main article “buy to let tax for UK landlords”. This article discusses all the different types of […]

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