Overpaid Stamp Duty Refunds

Our stamp duty reclaim specialists are here to get you a SDLT refund

Many landlords are unaware of the overpaid tax payments they make. Landlords use professional service providers that they put their faith in. This may cost you money. One of the most costly overpaid tax is Stamp Duty.

Working with our SDlT reclaim specialists, we can help you recover overpaid Stamp Duty and get a refund back to you within a few months.

Stamp Duty Land Tax or SDLT is a tax you pay when buying a UK residential or commercial property.

A conveyance solicitor will complete an SDLT return form and send it with your payment of Stamp Duty, typically within 14 days of purchase.

Why is this a problem?

Many UK conveyance solicitors use generic Stamp Duty Land Tax online calculators and enter these numbers onto the SDLT return. The problem with any calculator is “rubbish in, rubbish out”. They do not tell you the many SDLT tax reliefs available to landlords and developers.

Many landlords overpay Stamp Duty because their conveyance solicitor uses generic calculators. That is why you need to check their workings to avoid the time in making a reclaim from HMRC to get a tax refund.

Is this the end of the story?

It is possible to claim back overpaid SDLT using the services of our Stamp Duty reclaim specialists. We help many landlords who overpay Stamp Duty get SDLT refunds after the conveyance solicitor has submitted the Stamp Duty return. It is not too late.

Have you overpaid SDLT? Get a Stamp Duty refunds


Mixed-use properties

A mixed-use property is where you have a flat above a commercial building (shop/restaurant). You do not pay 3% SDLT higher rate or residential rates of SDLT but some conveyance solicitors will incorrectly tell you to pay the higher rates. This overpaid Stamp Duty may be claimed back from HMRC and you pocket a nice refund.


Buying a new home

You do not need to pay the 3% SDLT higher rate when you are replacing your home. Some solicitors ask you to pay this higher rate incorrectly. A SDLT refund may be claimed back from HMRC using our Stamp Duty refund specialists.


Buying multiple properties

There is a tax relief called Multiple Dwellings relief (MDR). This allows you to pay the average of two properties with a minimum of 1% of the total purchase price. This again is overlooked by some conveyance solicitors. Luckily our SDLT refund specialists can claim this back for you.

Tell us more about the Stamp Duty you have overpaid so we can help you get a SDLT refund

Please tell us more about your overpaid tax so that we can helo you reclaim Stamp Duty back, and you can use the SDLT refund to get a deposit on the following buy to let. All we need is the Stamp Duty return and details about the buy to let. We can work with you and get that important refund.


How our stamp duty experts help you claim back overpaid SDLT and get you the refund you deserve

There are many ways that our Stamp Duty reclaim specialists can help you get refinds on overpaid Stamp Duty.


Overpaid SDLT on a home

A client was looking to buy a residential property for £500,000 and faced a Stamp Duty Land Tax liability of £30,000. We were able to reduce this to just £5,419. We were successful in getting the Stamp Duty refund even after the Stamp Duty return had been submitted.


Multiple properties

A client overpaid £21,389 Stamp Duty because their conveyance solicitor did not inform them that they were eligible for relief when buying multiple properties. We successfully reclaimed the overpaid Stamp Duty refund. Have you overpaid Stamp Duty and would benefit from a SDLT refund?


Mixed-use properties

A client was asked to pay £10,500 more Stamp Duty than was required by her solicitor because they had not been informed about her about mixed-use properties Stamp Duty relief. We were able to get the Stamp Duty Land Tax refund even after the Stamp Duty return has been submitted

Stamp Duty Returns and SDLT overpayments/refunds

Typically, the SDLT payment is due to HMRC within 14 days of the Stamp Duty return. The SDLT calculation will be based on the purchase value. Your conveyance solicitors will typically process the payment as part of the completion process. The excess transaction tax paid occurs when the conveyance solicitor files a return on your behalf.

Our Stamp Duty reclaims tax experts ensure that your liability is reduced as much as possible whilst remaining compliant. We advise on recovering previous overpayments and solving any ongoing negotiations with HMRC.

Our team is fully qualified and trained to help with any case regarding your overpaid Stamp Duty. Whether you are enquiring about a non-residential, residential, commercial or working on a property development, each case has its legislation, tax rates and liabilities. Our Stamp Duty reclaims specialists recover your overpaid SDLT and ensure that you’re taking the best course of action to get your SDLT refund.

There are different bands of Stamp Duty Land Tax that you can fall into – defined by the value of the buy to let you’re purchasing. Regardless of the tax band, you are in, paying SDLT reduces the return on investment of your purchased buy to let. It is essential to ensure that you have done everything possible to reduce the tax payment. Failure to check the numbers produced by your conveyance solicitor on a Stamp Duty Return will require you to reclaim overpaid Stamp Duty and for HMRC to refund SDLT, which takes time.

If any of the below three scenarios apply to you, you’ll likely be liable to pay a 3% SDLT surcharge.

– Buying a second property as a holiday home

– Purchasing buy to let investments when you already own a house in your name or a limited company

– Buying a home for the first time as an investment

– You are a first time home buyer and have paid the 3% SDLT higher rate in error. You should only pay second home Stamp Duty when you already have a house in your name and not replace your current home.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid this surcharge, from parents buying properties for their children via a trust structure to landlords negotiating with sellers to split the tax cost between them.

Whether expanding your buy-to-let portfolio, giving a gift or simply purchasing a secondary or principal residence, our stamp duty refund tax experts are ready to help. All we need is some basic details about the buy to let and a copy of the stamp duty return. Your conveyance solicitor should be able to provide a copy of the Stamp Duty return that was submitted.

Frequently asked questions about reclaiming overpaid Stamp Duty and getting a Stamp Duty refund

Obtaining a tax refund is never easy. Working with a Stamp Duty Tax specialist is essential to help navigate the complexities of property tax law.

There are several areas of property tax law where we secure refunds for landlords from HMRC. Overpaid tax happens due to mistakes, but they can be claimed back. SDLT is one of those taxes that can be refunded even after the Stamp Duty return has been submitted.

It is possible to get a refund from HMRC yourself. However, you may be faced with an argument that you cannot support with legislation references. That is why it important to work with our refund specialists to avoid the burden and stress.


Questions often asked about overpaid SDLT and refunds on Stamp Duty returns

Can you reclaim the 3% Stamp Duty paid on a second home

Homeowners will be asked to pay the 3% SDLT higher rate if the first home is not sold simultaneously. This Stamp Duty overpayment may be refunded within 36 months provided that the first home is sold.

Who obtains a stamp duty refund?

In some instances, you can make a stamp duty reclaim yourself provided it is within 12 months. After this point, you will use a solicitor or a Stamp Duty professional like Optimise to get a refund from HMRC

How long does it take to get a refund of Stamp Duty from HMRC

HMRC are not fast when it comes to tax refunds. Using a tax specialist does give you someone to turn to and ask HMRC for an update. We advise our clients that it can take between 3 and 9 months to get a stamp duty refund.

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