Foreign Tax Identification Number (TIN) Application Guide for Canada

Foreign Tax Identification Number (TIN) Application Guide for Canada

Are you a foreigner doing business in Canada?

This comprehensive guide will teach you how to apply for a Canadian Tax Identification Number (TIN).

A TIN is a combination of letters or numbers a country assigns to an individual or business for tax purposes.

In Canada, the TIN will be an individual’s Social Insurance Number (SIN).

For businesses in Canada (such as corporations or partnerships), the TIN will be their Business Number (BN) of the Quebec Enterprise Number (NEQ).

It is important to get the correct Canadian foreign tax identifying number.

What are the basics?

A TIN is a 9-digit number issued to non-resident individuals in Canada who need a tax identification number.

Canada tax ID is for people who are not eligible for a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) and who are considered non-residents for tax purposes.

Canada tax identification numbers exist in various forms and are issued to residents and non-residents.

Every individual resident in Canada with income tax filing obligations is required to have a SIN.

As a non-resident doing business there, it is important for you to have a Canada foreign tax identifying number.

Are you paying more tax in Canada than you need to?

As an ex-pat with property investments in different countries, I understand that it is important to pay the correct amount of tax in Canada.

You may apply for an individual tax number in Canada at any time, but I recommend that you apply early to make sure you receive your TIN before you need to use it.

Allow six to eight weeks after your application has been received by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for them to notify you in writing.

To verify your identity with the CRA when you apply for a Canada tax ID, you must provide supporting documents.

These documents must be current and include your name, date of birth, and photograph.

Supporting documents in an application for a Canada individual tax number may include a valid passport, a driver’s licence, a study permit, or a Government-issued ID card.

Obtaining a Canadian tax ID number is not a complicated process.

If, like me, you are a British ex-pat looking to minimise the amount of tax you pay in Canada, I recommend that you read this article on the UK-Canada tax treaty.

Do I pay less tax in Canada with a TIN?

I appreciate that you want to pay as little tax in Canada as possible.

It is therefore important when applying for a Canadian tax ID to ensure that you are paying the smallest accurate amount of tax.

You can apply for a TIN if you are a non-resident and are not eligible for a SIN.

You may need to provide an TIN to the CRA to do any of the following:

  • File an application to waive or reduce Canadian withholding tax on payments that you receive
  • Dispose of taxable Canadian property
  • File a Canadian income tax return

I advise you to get the right advice to minimise the amount of tax you pay in Canada, and to ensure that you keep as much money as possible.

When filling out the application form, it is vital to be thorough.

Check the box for the reason you are applying, to avoid processing delays.

Check the box for the supporting documents that you will include.

If your mailing and foreign address are different you must provide both.

Provide the date and your signature in the certification section.

When gathering your documents for a Canada tax ID application, you must include your printed application form and the original, certified, and notarized copies of your supporting documents.

Then you mail your application for a Canada tax identification number.

If you have not heard from the CRA in eight weeks, contact them and enquire about the status of your Canada tax ID application.

What you should do next

I am fortunate to have an expert team who provides tax-saving advice.

When it comes to a Canada tax ID, they have been invaluable in helping me.

If you are looking to get a Canada tax identification number, I advise you to book in time with my team to help you.

Foreign Tax Identification Number (TIN) Application Guide for Canada

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