Using LNPG To Reduce Refurb Costs


Simon Misiewicz

14th May 2015

Posted by Jake Leversuch on 14th May 2015

Are you paying too much money for the refurbishments on your properties? Is this damaging your return on investment for your property portfolio?

If the answer is yes, you may want to consider becoming a member of the Landlords National Property Group (LNPG). LNPG offer guaranteed savings on refurbishment costs or LNPG will roll your membership over for another 12 months for free if you don’t make any savings at all! (1)

The Diagnosis

LNPG offer different packages depending on the size of your property portfolio. A 12 month membership will cost you:

£149 for 1-3 Properties

£249 for 4-25 Properties

£349 for Unlimited properties (1)

LNPG have relationships with many well known suppliers such as Currys, Magnet and Plumb centre, and guarantee you a cheaper price on any costs when refurbishing your properties. (1)

Landlords and property investors spend a lot of time and effort finding and negotiating the best BMV deals on investment properties but also spend a great deal of time, effort and money researching and buying supplies when refurbishing these rental properties. Joining the LNPG will help you save a great deal of money on your refurbishments. (2)

The Treatment

As a member of LNPG you will reap many benefits these include:

Knowing you have the buying power of being an LNPG member. You can be assured the suppliers you are purchasing from will be giving you the best deals around. You no longer have to trawl from supplier to supplier looking for cheaper deals or to match prices. Keeping the same suppliers for your materials brings familiarity with sizes, quality and products that makes somuch sense. (2)

The difference between a property being a worthwhile asset, or not, could depend on the level of expenditure on the refurb. Saving thousands of pounds on the refurb means some borderline purchases can now make a viable investment.Of course all these savings can be reinvested in the property to make your budget go further and so enhance the property far beyond the original value. (2)

The savings you make can increase the value of your investment. A new roof, double glazing, a conservatory, new kitchen or bathroom can add value and increase your equity. (2)

You may only have one property that you rent out right now and may feel you wouldn’t benefit immediately from membership. However, should your boiler break down or you have an urgent repair, you have the peace of mind that you can access the products you need at great prices through theirr partners straightaway. (2)

LNPG are increasingly looking to save fuel and reduce their CO2 emission. Being a member of LNPG means less travel price matching and collecting purchases. Most of their partners, being National providers, make local deliveries direct to your location helping to save you and the atmosphere. (2)

Applying the treatment

To sign up for LNPG simply visit and get your membership today to start enjoying your savings!

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