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Claim 150% Tax Relief For Fixing Contaminated Land

Imagine this scenario – you’ve just had a surveyor’s report back and it suggests the warehouse you’re interested in turning into flats is filled with asbestos, or the overgrown garden is hiding a rampant growth of Japanese knotweed. Problem or opportunity? It’s well-known this type of discovery would likely scare off many lenders, and hence […]

Could This Be The End Of The Reduced VAT Rates For Property Investors?

12th August 2015 – Simon Misiewicz Are you enjoying the reduced rates of VAT for: Commercial to residential conversions / single to multiple occupancy house conversions. (1) Refurbishing a property that has been empty for more than two years. (2) Installing energy efficient goods into a property. Could it be it be at an end? […]

Managing maintenance costs to maximise ROI

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 26th February 2014 Is Return on Investment important (ROI) to you? Do you find that your maintenance costs are more than expected? The harsh but much needed reality check is “you are not managing your ROI” if you are not managing your finances on a monthly basis. You will incur […]

Safe guard your ROI when refurbishing a property

Are you looking to maximise the Return on Investment (ROI) on your property investments? Is the cost of refurbishment an important factor when calculating your ROI? Have you have answered yes? Then this article is for you. Many of my clients (and indeed myself) in the past have spent more money on refurbishing a property […]

Reducing Your VAT On Property Development

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 15th May 2013 Are you carrying out refurbishment works on your investment properties? Are you paying more tax than you should be? HMRC Reference: Notice 708 – Section 7 (4) There are many property investors / landlords that are simply paying more VAT than they need to. Equally trades people […]

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