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Setting Up A Trust To Pay For Your Child’s Private Education

By Louise Misiewicz Are you planning on sending your child to a private school? Worried how much it will cost, or extra tax you might pay? A lot of people, including myself, are thinking about sending our children to private schooling. The cost can range significantly per term across the UK but let’s assume that […]

Deed Of Trust To Minimise Your Tax – Part 1 Income Tax

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 1st March 2014 Are you “pained” to be paying more tax on your property income than your spouse? Do you feel “ill” for having a good job when you pay so much tax as a high tax rate earner? In this series of articles we are going to focus on […]

UK and International tax – Part 3 of 5

20th December 2013 by Simon Misiewicz Are you earning money whilst you are living abroad? Are you earning money from overseas? The subject of UK and international tax is complex to say the least. As you would expect from having multiple countries tax you at the same time in some instances. As such we have […]

Selling, transferring properties and Tax Planning – Part 4 of 5

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 18th September 2013 Selling, transferring properties and Tax Planning – Part 4 of 5 Are you looking to sell properties in the future? Are you thinking about passing your property onto a loved one? Selling Properties As A One Off & Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Selling properties as a trade […]

Safe Guard Your Property Assets And Pay No Tax – Gift Allowances

Posted by Louise Misiewicz Do your parents have assets? Do you have an elderly parent that may need to pay for their care? This article has been written because of my own circumstances and the fact that my wife had to sell her parent’s hard earned assets to pay for their care. This is despite […]

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