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Claiming back 100% VAT on your property development

Are you looking to develop new houses from the ground up? Are you looking to convert commercial buildings into residential dwellings? The problem – 20% VAT on property development costs If you’re a property investor/developer then you’ll know that the cost of VAT on labour and materials is often 20%, which we have to add on […]

Being Tax Efficient v Getting Mortgage

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 12th February 2014 Do you like paying minimal amount of tax? Are you looking to get a mortgage for your own home or Buy To Lets? We are all looking to be tax efficient whilst having the ability to get a mortgage for our investments as well as our own […]

Flipping properties? What are buyers looking for?

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 2nd July 2013 Are you looking to buy and sell properties? Would you like to know what people are looking for when buying properties? Like many investors we too look to buy and sell properties. Why is flipping a good idea? Quick circulation of cash Greater profits in the short […]

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