HMRC Upholding On VAT Appeals


Louise Misiewicz

Tax Consultant

30th March 2013

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 30th March 2013

Are you VAT registered?

Are you ahead of the game before HMRC makes adjustments to your VAT deductions?

UHY Hacker Young suggest that over half of all reviews of VAT decisions are now rejected by HMRC. Just 48% of businesses’ appeals were upheld by HMRC’s internal review teams last year compared to 60% the year before.

HMRC’s internal reviews re-examine VAT decisions imposed on businesses in relation to tax disputes and the late filing, or payment of tax.

The purpose of the internal review process is to resolve tax disputes quickly and cheaply, reducing the number of disputes that go to the Tax Tribunal.Reviews take around 45 days and businesses that disagree with the outcome can then take their dispute to tribunal.

There is a tendency to assume HMRC’s decisions are correct.As the statistics show, there is still an almost one-in-two chance that seeking a review of a VAT decision would be successful.It is worth appealing – what do you have to lose?

We have worked with HMRC for a number of years.After taking the time to build a solid relationship we are in a good position to fight your corner without a true fight.HMRC know that we only appeal sensible claims and we do not waste their time.Taking this approach, means that they take the time to listen to us.

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