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Simon Misiewicz

28th November 2018

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Business, finance and tax planning for medics

Tax Webinars for MedicsSimon Misiewicz has been working hard to support his network of friends who are doctors to decrease their tax bill. He is keen to help other doctors, locums and GPs that help us all when we need them most with our health issues. One of the biggest issues medical professionals face is understanding numbers in general, never-mind the complexities of tax. He is also very aware that doctors need more support when treating their profession as a business. Simon is providing a 60-minute seminar to talk through various issues such as IR35, NHS pensions, using limited companies for private work and just as importantly how to run your profession as a business. He will deal with topics such as sales, marketing, administration and of course the dreaded subject of book keeping. 
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Tax Webinars for property investorsSimon Misiewicz discusses the types of property investments that you can put your money into. Simon will go through the pros and cons of each property strategy from the perspective of a) returns b) your time and of course c) tax such as income tax, VAT, SDLT etc. The latest budget announcement tax changes will be discussed together with how this might affect you. Simon will take you through the pros and cons of owning properties in a) your own name b) in a partnership and/or c) in a limited company. Lastly, Simon will allocate a good deal of time to deal with your questions and answers.
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