Using A Website To Grow Your Business


Louise Misiewicz

Tax Consultant

5th June 2013

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 5th June 2013

Are you looking to grow your sales?

Do you have a website?

Building a website in the 1980s was an expensive game and there were not many people on the internet and traffic was therefore low. Today it is a different story. You can now build a website for as little as £10 and write content on a website relatively easily with applications such as WordPress, Droople and SilverStripe to mention but a few.

A website that is informative about your products and services helps support your credibility and allows customers to take time to understand what products and services that you offer and how you can help them.It is important to ensure that you write the website for your customers rather than just a showcase for your greatness.The web has developed more and more over the years and now you can have a simple and effective e-commerce platform, whereby your customers can not only view your products but also buy them online, similar to Amazon and eBay.This takes away the administration process of invoicing.

You can promote your website, products and services online via paid advertisements such as Google Ads, Bing, Yahoo etc.There are variations of paid advertisements in this way and the most common at the time of writing was “pay per click”.If you have an advertisement on Google it will place your ad on other people’s websites and you will be charged every time that someone clicks on your adverts to see your website, products and services.This is a very good way to get “traffic” to your website. “Traffic”, being visitors.

How will people find your products and services on the internet?People will often use a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. People using these search engines may type “Nottingham solicitors” and the results of that search will bring back paid advertisements and then websites that have good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).Most internet experts say that people searching the internet will only look at the first two / three pages of Google before they make their selection.

If you are not on the first two pages of Google search it is unlikely that you are going to be viewed by people looking at search engines. “Not fair” many of you might say and quite rightly so, after all you have spent time and effort to develop a content rich web page.The problem you have is that there are 1,000s of websites being created every single month and the developers of those websites will be thinking the same. 

How can you get ahead of the game?

You may prefer to have paid advertisements on search engines as you will be put to the top or to the side of the results page when people look for products and services similar to your own.The main reason for using this tactic over anything else is that search engines may not rank your website for a few months until it has become established.It is therefore unlikely that your website will be listed on the first 50 pages never mind the first two pages of any search engine.

A website should be a pleasure for the customers so ensure that every page there is good quality.More importantly there should be a call to action whereby the user takes an active part in a discussion or signing up to newsletters.Obtaining their email address means you can send them information about your promotional offers and new products and services.

Most of all, make sure that whatever you are advertising by pay per click, banner ads or social media can easily be found.People will leave your website immediately if they struggle to find what they are looking for.If there are blatant errors such as spelling on your website, then your credibility will be significantly damaged.Would you buy a product or service if the details and grammar was poorly written?You therefore need to ensure that the basis of content is well structured, written and pleasant to look at.Imagine that you were looking to buy your next car and in high spirits.You open the car door, put the key in the ignition and set off into the country lane where the garage is located. It is a very hot day, a perfect time to enjoy a car ride.

You look at the windows to put them down so you can feel the breeze on your skin, cooling you down.As you press the button to put the window down the electrics are broken.

You then look for the air conditioning but the dials and the buttons to turn down the temperature, but it’s so complicated that you need a science degree.You then sit and sweat the rest of the journey and sit in the sticky seats that are leather and your top clings onto your body.This makes your journey unpleasant and leaving you wanting nothing more than to go home for a shower.

Would you buy the car now?

If you have products that you wish to sell then there is an opportunity to use existing websites that have e-commerce such as eBay, Amazon, e-bid etc.

This ensures that you can at least sell your products and test the market without going to great expense creating ecommerce onto your websites.

Once you have developed your products & services and have significant traffic to your website it may be a worthwhile investment to develop your own e-commerce strategy.

Having e-commerce in your own website help you keep the focus of your customers on your products and services rather than someone else’s.

If you have been onto e-bay or Amazon you may have looked at alternative products or suppliers before making your final selection.

Do you think that other people might do the same?

When you are listing products and services on these websites you are going to be competing with other people to sell similar products.

Having your own website with just your products and services removes the competition and makes your web site look a lot more professional.

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