How to Reduce UK Property Capital Gains Tax

Income tax and VAT on Furnished Holiday Lets

Are holiday lets a good investment? Are you fed up with being targeted by HMRC for being a residential property investor? In his budget George Osborne made it clear he won’t be backing down on his war against buy-to-let investors, announcing that the 3% stamp duty surcharge will definitely go ahead and that while the capital gains tax […]

Flipping properties and entrepreneurs’ relief (Now Business Asset Disposals Relief BADR)

Updated and relevant for tax year 2020/21 Your entrepreneurs tax questions answered In this article we attempt to answer the following questions about entrepreneurs relief: – Is entrepreneurs relief available on flipping a house? – What rate is entrepreneurs relief? – How many times can you claim entrepreneurs relief? – Do sole traders get entrepreneurs relief? – How does Entrepreneurs […]

Tax benefits of contributing towards a pension

Tax benefits of investing in a pension Would you like to invest in property whilst getting a tax rebate? Would you like to build and control your pension pot? I am going to demonstrate the tax advantages of investing into a pension fund that still allows you to invest in property. Albeit the properties you […]

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