Share Resources To Make More Money


Louise Misiewicz

Tax Consultant

15th May 2013

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 15th May 2013

Are you looking at ways to increase your profits?

Are you sharing resources such as staff, office space, computers to reduce your costs?

We are all finding it more expensive to run our business.

Fuel prices increase, technology expands and costs more, staff costs keeps rising and yet we are expected to do more for less.  Is this a feasible way moving forwards?

A survey commissioned by Zip Car found that access to funding, cash flow problems and lack of government funding as the main reasons they have not grown as they would have liked.

Over 50% of the companies surveyed suggested that they were sharing some of the core functions as listed below to help them reduce their operating expenses:- Staff / temporary resources – Office space- Computers and servers – Vehicles

How much of the above do you use 100% of the time.  How could you in fact drive your car, be in the office and use you computers at the same time.  In fact there may be times when you are in an office all by yourself and easily distracted.  Having someone else in the office has a great psychological effect of creating a productive working environment and creates accountability to crack on with work rather than procrastinate.

Kai Peters, chief executive of Ashridge Business School, added: “This research shows that a new breed of enterprise is emerging across the UK SME and start-up community, embracing an innovative combination of agility, collaborative strategy and customer-driven adaptation – all needed to thrive in today’s fast evolving and unpredictable economy.”

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