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Is £146 per patient sustainable in the NHS General Practice (GP)

Chris Street

6th January 2018

By Simon Misiewicz

Article relevant to the tax year 2017/18

Are you unsure how to increase the profitability of your Practice, and don’t know which way to turn for help?

I was reviewing some of the key elements that many of my GP, doctor and medical investment clients state as being risk factors for them and their investment portfolios as we begin a new year, and one of the common elements my clients cite as a key item is achieving a balance between effective patient healthcare whilst remaining profitable as a business.

I spend much of my time when providing financial advice for doctors, GPs, locums and dentists reviewing the running of their Practices as a business, and providing bespoke tax planning tips as a result.

Our team of medical professional accountants are focused on creating greater revenues for your medical professional business such as GPs, locums and dentists, whilst being tax-efficient.

£146 per year per patient. Is this sustainable?

Every month, most of my medical client’s Practices conduct thousands of face-to-face consultations, including home visits, telephone calls, and associated administrative tasks such as letters, referrals and patient results. This is all completed on a budget of £146 per patient per year.

As many of my medical clients inform me, most patients attend a Practice around six times per year, but some patients can attend in excess of 30 times per year, depending on their health conditions.

This makes it incredibly difficult to maintain running a Practice as a profitable business, and when adding in the additional factor of a huge shortage of GPs in the UK at the moment, the burdens increase hugely.

A medical career is very stressful, dealing with a multiple of ill patients, often with very complex situations, and on a limited time and financial budget.

Most of my GP clients only get 10 minutes per patient due to the huge demands on them, and it’s been reported that GPs have seen an 11% drop in income since 2008, whilst 80% of GPs in the UK feel that their workload is excessive.

Less than 10% of NHS spending goes towards General Practices, so it’s also significantly underfunded.

The lack of GPs results in existing doctors and locums struggling with more work and patient appointments than ever before. This means that there are also associated issues with booking appointments, increases in time-consuming patient complaints, and GP clients of mine finding themselves spending more time fire-fighting rather than delivering their professional medical expertise.

This also usually means that many Practices are not being run efficiently, and with a financial profit.

Despite the NHS retention scheme, which we previously wrote about in another article, I can see why the above pressures with decreasing revenues has resulted in many GPs looking for alternatives sources of income and to provide better patient care.

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Make improvements to enhance patient care and efficiency of your GP

The majority of my GP investment clients are now forced to release their appointments on the same day, in an attempt to save time and money. This reduces the rate of no-shows on patient appointments, and GPs can focus on patients who are very unwell.

Educating patients about the stresses a Practice is under can also assist in maintaining better relationships with patients, as well as increasing the profitability of the Practice as a business. Ask your patients to:

  • Understand the pressures the Practice is under
  • To use the medical services responsibly
  • Inform the Practice if an appointment cannot be kept
  • Do not book in for multiple problems – a GP only has 10 minutes
  • To consider writing or emailing the local MP asking for more financial support for the Practice

Passing on these simple but effective items of information to patients will make a significant difference in the patient-Practice relationships, and could also go a long way to increasing profitability this year.

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