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How will the budget announcement affect you?

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Are you worried about the budget announcement?

Are you concerned that you will be paying a lot more tax?


The problem

There is so much information about the budget announcement. You can see all sorts of assumptions about the budget and how it may affect you as a property investor in newspapers, on the TV, on social media forums and of course your peers.

People are now predicting what will happen beyond the budget changes. What will the consequences be on basic rate tax payers, limited companies, pensioners, full time property investors etc etc.

The issue with all this information is that it can become overwhelming and the truth is not as exciting news as the gory details that people like to guess and hypothesise.

This may be interesting to talk about but all this information can lead to confusion and overwhelm.

Can you relate to the above?

If you have answered yes to these questions then this event will be worth attending

A real life client example

For the purpose of this article we are going to name my client John to protect their identify.

John is a high rate tax payer and he has heard many stories through social media and some of his networking buddies that George Osborne is no longer going to allow property investors to offset mortgage interest against their property income.

Not only this but apparently they are not going to allow the associated costs of letting the property (property management fees). John looks at this information, without doing any further research and puts his houses up for sale in fear what might happen in the future.

If only John looked at the facts of how the budget announcement could affect him. Armed with the facts rather than guesswork John may have formulated a plan to reduce his tax liability and turn the budget announcement into an opportunity.

Have you heard other property investors that base their decisions on irrational thoughts of others? Do you think it would have been better for John to listen to the facts first before making a decision?

Next steps:

If you wanted to understand how to implement this strategy then join us on this event to see the facts about the budget announcement to see how it will affect you.

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