Capital Gains Tax (CGT) calculator for 2017-18


Simon Misiewicz

12th September 2017

Are you looking to sell any of your Buy to Let properties?

Are you looking at ways to minimise CGT?


We have developed a spreadsheet that you can use to understand the amount of CGT that you are likely to pay. This CGT calculator spreadsheet not only tells you the amount of CGT to pay but how you may be able to reduce it.

CGT is a tax cost that reduces the amount of net cash that you will eventually receive upon selling your property. CGT is based on the sales price, less purchase price (and associated purchase costs) less any capital cost of refurbishment.

We wrote an article that demonstrated ways of how you may be able to mitigate some of the CGT

One of the ways that you can reduce CGT is to move back into a property and claim private residence relief see article for more details

One of the great ways to mitigate both CGT and inheritance tax (IHT) is to transfer the property into trust and move it back out again, see article

If you were happy to re-invest the gains from the disposal and re-invest it into an Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) then you can defer the CGT and obtain an income tax reducer of 30% see article:

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