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Louise Misiewicz

Tax Consultant

6th August 2013

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 2nd September 2013

How do you feel when you lose a sale of a house, a room rental or a course?

How would you feel if you were to convert more prospects into sales?

Maybe you are in the property business of selling houses or even rooms to tenants. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to spend time and energy meeting someone, to show them your property only for them to say “No, I don’t want this house because X, Y and Z”. This leaves you with a journey back and more planning to do for the next prospect. Well the same applies to people that are in business of selling property courses too.

As property tax specialists and accountant, I was never very good at communicating to people as to why they should use our services over any other accountant. After all, I help clients over the evenings, weekends and I even talk their language because I am a property investor but, I am an accountant and could not communicate how my specialist knowledge could help my clients.

Are there times when you just need help? Well, I can assure you that I needed help so I turned to someone called Zig Zigla who sells an audio book called “Sell your way to the top”. I wanted to share with you the most significant things that I learned from this material.

1 – Ensure that you know a lot about the person that is a potential customer / client. At the very least you must take time to remember their name. Just as important, identify their pains, their needs before you even speak. This will provide you with the right information to be relevant.

2 – Establish value before you give out the price or to ask them to place an order or to sign a contract.

3 – Involve the person in the whole process, demonstrating the benefits to them and the pains they will have without your products / services.

4 – Give the person you are selling to ownership. Zig’s example is relevant as he talks about selling a property. There is plenty room for all YOUR clothes”.

YOU can rest in our comfortable living room after YOUR hard day. The same applies to courses. Ask good questions such as: How much money could YOU earn with more knowledge. Ask good questions and make them “Sell themselves”.

5 – Ask questions. Ask them how they feel about their current position and how your products and services would make them feel after they receive the benefits you provide. After all most people buy with emotion.

6 – Allow the prospect to think. The more you push the more you will be resisted and be considered a pushy person and they will leave the property / education course because of you rather than the price or other barriers in buying the product / service.

7 – Make the product affordable. This can easily be achieved be demonstrating how much your product will cost per day, week per month. Alternatively compare it against the cost of not doing something and the cost associated with non-action or even other suppliers if you are cheaper.

Now some of you reading this may be rightly thinking or saying “Well that is hard not to give the price because it is advertised”. However you could use the old “Give them the RRP price and discount it later. Be careful with this as you should not cheapen your services so you may wish to consider adding bonuses/ additional services on top of the existing offer to give greater value.

In regards to the price of your products and services, I appreciate that you may not be asking money daily, weekly but the concept of breaking down a £350 room rental to £11.25 per day is much easier. The same applies to our services. If I said my fees are £400 per year, the prospect could see this as being expensive. If I compared it to the cost per day of just £1.09 per day, which is less than a price of coffee and remind them that the coffee is drank and forgotten but the tax I will save them is worth £1,000’s. How can you make you offer sound incredible?

Is it not easier to sell £1.09 a day that it is £400?

Remember that, as Zig says “People buy what people want rather than what they need”. So, that certainly does suggest that people buy emotionally and they must feel emotionally attached to you, build rapport and relationships with them. “This is the most important part of the process”.

I only wished that I was as good as Zig and that I could give you more words of wisdom or even more time on the subject to help you. The better thing to do is to buy the book / audio book “Sell your way to the top” by Zig Zigla himself and other sales related gurus such as Brian Tracy, Dale Carnegie.

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(1) Sell Your Way to the Top – Zig Ziglar

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