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Wealth Management

Financial, tax and wealth planning for your future.


Take the right steps now to protect the money that you have earnt.

You spend a substantial amount of your life working, either as an employee or in your own business. We believe the blood, sweat and tears you put into your vocation deserves a great reward that’s tax efficient today, and for your family in the future.

Once you have taken your money from your career/business you may invest some of that money into savings for a rainy day. The problem is that most people invest without monitoring the ongoing performance once invested. You wouldn’t decide to work hard on your career/business Monday to Thursday only to ignore your customers or workload on a Friday. Sadly, so many people take this approach when it comes to their investments. As such their investments over time yield very poor returns for them yet, more to the point, their investment managers and HMRC take big cuts.

Wealth Management

To add to the delights of others taking their cut we know that family matters can also create huge changes in wealth. We all know of husbands and wives separating and, with children involved, can appreciate that this phase of a relationship can be an enormous emotional roller coaster which sometimes leads people to make decisions that they would not ordinarily do.

Do you often wonder about the following?

  • Are you keeping your fair share of income earnt or is HMRC taking more than what seems reasonable?
  • Are you getting the best returns from your investments and assets or are your investment managers getting the better deal?
  • Are you protecting your hard-earned wealth for future generations or are your assets under threat from HMRC’s Inheritance Tax or family misuse?
  • Do you know how your pensions are performing?

We can help you with all of the above, and more...

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Let’s use Steve and Stella as an example...

Steve and Stella decide to divorce from one another. They both agree to separate amicably in a civilised manner. Stella will take custody of James, their two year old son. All is well. Steve knows that both Stella and James will be looked after.
Wealth Management
Wealth Management
However, Stella meets someone else, let’s call him Tony Toe-Rag. He has no job and has three children of his own. Stella and Tony marry and after an up and down marriage of just three years he decides that the relationship is not working and proceeds to divorce Stella. In the end, he takes 50% of the house and investments as he has no income and three dependents. Now Steve looks on and realises that James, his 5-year-old son has lost a lot of inheritance and the family wealth that was built on the fundamentals of hard work has been taken away.

Does this seem fair to you?

We have and continue to help many families just like the one you’ve seen above. We have purposefully presented a complex example because, let’s face it, life is like that. We show you the potential pitfalls and how they may be overcome.

Put yourself in the best possible position.

  • Outsmart HMRC

    Keep more of what you earn and shield yourself from HMRC’s income tax today and going forwards.

  • Inheritance & assets

    Structure your family assets to legally and safely avoid inheritance tax applying to your estate, leaving more of what you’ve earned to the people you want to receive it.

  • Tax efficiency

    Your investments are stored in a tax efficient vehicle and provide you with returns that actually build wealth for you not others.

  • Complete Management

    Build in systems and legal documents to ensure that you manage where your wealth goes, when and how with no one subsequent to your death able to manipulate this.

There are very few businesses and more importantly people that can truly help you structure your financial affairs with the above points in mind. Isn’t it time that you invested in yourself and built sustainable and true family wealth rather than leaving it all to chance?

Wealth Management
Legal documents
We are experts in amending legal documents so that you can save the most in relation to tax.
Wealth Management
Death is not a subject that is easy to talk about, but we recognise the importance of splitting assets through trusts and other such means.
Wealth Management
Financial funds
We can restructure pensions and other funds so that certain people can benefit from up to 100% of those funds.
Every solution we devise is tailored to your specific needs and desires for your financial future. Our bespoke Wealth Management service will help you to achieve what is best for you and your loved ones.

Could your finance, tax and wealth matters be in better shape?

If they could, you are advised to book a call now so that you can end those sleepless nights that are currently filled with worry.

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