The 8 Keys Of Being A Successful Property Investor – Part 3 – Passion


Simon Misiewicz

8th July 2014

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 8th July 2014

Would you like to know the attributes of a successful property investor?

Are there areas of your life that you would like to improve?

The Diagnosis

I see many property investors that are busy trying to make a living for their loved ones. Some of them are having more success and happiness than others.

Why is that?

Some people seem to have all the luck in the world, catch all the breaks whilst others seem to attract bad luck. No matter how hard they, some people try they do not seem to get what they want.

How can this be?

I believe that there are many facets, attributes, features of a property investor that separate the successful from the unsuccessful. In this series of articles I am going to share with you my own personal experiences and observations.

The Treatment

I am going to share with you in this series of articles the following attributes of a successful property investor:

Part 3 – Passion

I want to share with you a story that made me sit up in my car one morning and shout (yes shout), “that is so right, you got it spot on”. The audio book was “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin, a marketing genius that I would recommend to any company that sells a product or service. The fact that we are all selling something suggests that you ought to listen or read his material if you wish to increase your sales.

He recalled being on holiday and one evening he couldn’t sleep. He decided not to toss and turn (which if you have ever tossed and turned in bed you understand the frustration). So, he decided to venture downstairs into the lobby and took his laptop so he could read his emails and blogs.

He was busy working away, when he was distracted by a couple of intoxicated ladies that were staggering into the lobby. He overheard them saying “look at him, he cant even stop working on his two week holiday”.

He thought to himself “how interesting”. He paused for thought to think how he felt.  He felt good and excited about what he was reading. Then he thought, “how sad is it that they would only escape from something that they hated doing for just two weeks and then they would be enslaved for fifty weeks”.

How many people do you hear “I hate my job” or “I can’t wait until I retire” or “I can’t wait for my holiday in three months time”. How incredibly sad?

I listened to a video recording of Jim Carrey’s inauguration speech at Maharishi University of Management (MUM). He also said something that made me shout out “yes, spot on”. He said “people spend so much time on something that they may fail at, so you may as well spend time on something you love doing”.

Let’s break that down. People go into education (which they may or may not like). They then conform into getting a job (because their parents told them that a full time job is secure. Is it really? Nowadays people are being laid off more often than they did thirty years ago). Is it not better to do a job that we love to do, especially if employer loyalty and job security is becoming a thing of the past?

My step father once said to me “you are a long time dead”. That got me thinking. If you are 20 or 65 there are no guarantees that you will wake up tomorrow. If that is the case (and retirement is not guaranteed), then what are we working so damn hard for?  Even when you get to retirement, what will you do?

A fact that shocked me to the core was that there is a 7-year period of when people retire and then they die. What? Seven years after you retire you are likely to meet your maker?

You see I am still surprised when my family and friends (some of the ones I still keep in touch with anyway) criticise me for working so hard. “Take it easy”, “You are so boring” are a couple of negative comments that people would leave on text, email and Facebook.

What they couldn’t see, was that I enjoyed my work because I meet so many inspirational people. I engage with like minded people. They, on the other hand would go home and watch TV of other people’s lives. The next day they would talk about the hypothetical lives that they watch on TV the night before. How interesting?

By the way I am not saying TV is bad or negative. What other people enjoy is fine by me. Who am I to label anyone that is different from me? Again it would be a boring world if we were all made the same.

What I think is interesting, is the fact that I was being criticised for having fun and making a difference to other peoples lives rather than being criticised for watching TV.

Do you give 100% to those activities that you love? Do you feel energised and vibrant when you are carrying out activities that you feel passionate about?

I believe that people will wake up at 4am and keep on going for 16 hours without feeling fatigued if they are doing something they enjoy. As such people will achieve much more.

Applying the treatment

Why not list all of the things that you love doing. It is fine if you list fun activities but make sure that you identify those things that you can make money on.

This is your passion list.

Once you have listed between four to eight activities that you love / are passionate about then you are ready to compare each activity against one another. This then gives you a list of things that you are truly passionate about.

Next, identify your current daily activities business and leisure and see if you are carrying out the activities, which you identified in your passion list. If you are not carrying out the things listed in your passion list, then changing what you do, will lead to more satisfaction and success in your life.

If you are looking to change what you do, simply make sure you match your business activities with your passion list.

I will tell you this. I love what I do. I look forward to the next day’s activities at the end of each night. How many people do you know loves what they are about to do most of the time?

Now go, write up your passion list and start to get more fun from life.




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