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Deed of Trust — Jointly Owned Properties Between Spouses

Relevant to the tax year 2017-18 By Louise Misiewicz Are you married/in a civil partnership? Do you own property investments between you? Is one person a higher rate and the other a basic rate taxpayer? If the answer to the above questions was yes, you may already be aware that you could be better off splitting your property […]

Residential Property Investment For Higher Rate Taxpayers

By Simon Misiewicz Are you a higher rate taxpayer? Do you think about the fact that you have paid employment tax when you invest in residential properties? The practicalities of property investments and tax When I was a senior manager, and later when I moved into the world of consultancy, I regularly worked 60+ hours per […]

2015 Budget Announcement Video, Spreadsheet and Documents – FB

Budget Announcement  There are always going to be new announcements from HMRC that will affect your finances, wealth and tax situation. Budget busting workshop If you would like to attend our course please use the voucher code “Facebook33” to attend for just £299.95 instead of the website Price of £499.95. In this section you will […]

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