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Pension Contributions Financial Benefits: Tax & NI Reliefs, Child Benefits, Personal Allowances and Pension Contribution Limits

By Louise Misiewicz Are you thinking of investing for the future? Have you thought about the various tax and financial benefits that pension contributions can provide? Our team of property tax experts are on hand to best advise our clients on how to help you invest for the future, whilst benefitting from all the tax […]

Minimise Capital Gains Tax (CGT) When Selling Property

By Simon Misiewicz Are you looking to sell some of your residential property investments? Are you looking to reduce your CGT bill? The problem — 28% CGT is a lot of tax to pay I wrote an extensive article about the budget changes and how many residential property investors, especially higher rate taxpayers, have been […]

How to set up a SIPP pension

Ever since the government launched a consultation on pension saving last year, many have feared George Osborne’s next budget bombshell would involve taking away the current system of tax relief available to pension contributions, in particular by slashing the relief available to higher rate taxpayers. Happily, we recently learned that it had abandoned plans to […]

Property strategies for higher rate taxpayers

The problem – the tax on your investments before you start investing As a higher rate taxpayer you will be paying a large sum of tax on your business (self employment)/employment income as HMRC taxes higher rate taxpayers 40% and additional rate taxpayers 45%. So to invest £30,000 into a property, you would have to earn £50,000  from your employment […]

Tax Relief On Pension Contributions By Employees And Employers

Are you looking to make your next investment? Have you worked out the tax incentives of investing in a pension? The problem — pensions can be confusing I know from talking to clients that they are not investing in pensions. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, here is a brief list […]

Taking loans against your pension

Can my pension scheme make a loan? An occupational pension scheme that is a registered pension scheme can make a loan to the sponsoring employer or any party unconnected to the member. Any loan to a sponsoring employer should be secured and made on a commercial basis. There are five tests that are used to determine if a loan to […]

Paying yourself out of a limited company for 2016-17

Ways to get money out of a company There are several ways to get money out of a company in a tax efficient way Wages up to £8,060 provided you have no other form of employment income. £5,000 tax free dividends Contributions towards your own personal pensions Paying a wage £11,000 is the tax free […]

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