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Are You Ready For ATED? Additional Tax On Residential Properties Owned Within A Company

By Louise Misiewicz Do you own properties in a Limited Company? Are you aware of a new tax called ATED? The Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) is part of HMRC’s three-pronged attack against perceived tax avoidance by individuals who use companies (typically overseas companies) to acquire and own high-value UK residential property. A rate […]

How to Incorporate Your Property Business and Mitigate SDLT & CGT

By Louise Misiewicz Updated and relevant for 2017/18 Are you frustrated by the government’s recent attacks on property investors? Are you thinking about incorporating your property business to avoid some of the worst effects? Budget changes mean more tax The budget announcements have caused property investors who own property in their personal name a huge headache, […]

Buying a Portfolio — Buy The Company

Are you looking to buy more properties? Are you concerned about paying the new stamp duty rates? Given the 2015 budget announcement, which I wrote about some time ago, you’ll have seen that there are now penalties for buying and holding property investments in your own name: Mortgage interest relief cap 3% Stamp Duty Land […]

Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI) shares

If you own a small business such as a letting agent and are looking for a way to motivate your employees without paying out large bonuses, you might want to consider Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI). These are very similar to other company share option plans in the way they operate — they allow an employer to […]

Making Changes to a Limited Company

The problem — so many forms, so little time There are so many forms on the Companies House website that it is perhaps understandable many companies fail to fulfil their administrative burdens on time. Many directors feel overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork required, but nevertheless directors do have a responsibility to prepare and deliver documents […]

Considerations When Starting a Limited Company

Are you confused about what you need to think about when starting a limited company? There are a few important considerations when starting a company and unfortunately, the Companies House website is so detailed it can be quite difficult to navigate  when trying to find some answers to questions. As such, some people set up limited companies without […]

The Best Structure For Your Property Business

Are you a contractor who pays tax on your dividends? Are you wondering if a limited company is the best structure to build your property empire? The basics of tax rates As you may know you will have to consider your tax position very carefully. The 2015-16 tax tables shown here provide us with the below […]

Ltd Co Dividends Bonus: 1st £5,000 Tax-Free

Are you paying tax on your dividends? Are you wondering if a limited company is right for you? The problem — tax on dividends If you are a higher rate taxpayer then you will pay 20% corporation tax and another 32.5% income tax.This is more than paying 40% tax in your own personal name. So, why […]

Paying yourself out of a limited company for 2016-17

Ways to get money out of a company There are several ways to get money out of a company in a tax efficient way Wages up to £8,060 provided you have no other form of employment income. £5,000 tax free dividends Contributions towards your own personal pensions Paying a wage £11,000 is the tax free […]

Using Multiple Limited Companies As A Property Investor

By Simon Misiewicz Are you unsure how to structure your property business? Is the thought of using a limited company a little daunting? You may wish to mitigate the budget announcement tax implications. Perhaps you saw the article I wrote on the budget announcement and as such you are looking to transfer properties into a limited […]

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