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Are You Ready For ATED? Additional Tax On Residential Properties Owned Within A Company

By Louise Misiewicz Do you own properties in a Limited Company? Are you aware of a new tax called ATED? The Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) is part of HMRC’s three-pronged attack against perceived tax avoidance by individuals who use companies (typically overseas companies) to acquire and own high-value UK residential property. A rate […]

How to Incorporate Your Property Business and Mitigate SDLT & CGT

By Louise Misiewicz Updated and relevant for 2017/18 Are you frustrated by the government’s recent attacks on property investors? Are you thinking about incorporating your property business to avoid some of the worst effects? Budget changes mean more tax The budget announcements have caused property investors who own property in their personal name a huge headache, […]

Tax Planning Around Business And Families — CGT/IHT Mitigation

Do you own assets that will eventually be passed on to your children? Are you worried about inheritance tax? The problem — capital gains tax (CGT) & inheritance tax (IHT) Many parents throughout the UK wish to transfer assets to their children now to avoid inheritance tax (IHT) in the future and we receive many […]

Responsibilities of Running a Company

Are you unsure of what your ongoing responsibilities as a company owner are? The problem — so many things to do and not enough time Running a business can take up so much of your time. It is easy to forget the annual responsibilities of running a limited company. There are two main things you […]

Loans Between Limited Companies For Property Investment

By Louise Misiewicz Updated and relevant for 2017/18 tax year Do you have a company for your core business activities? Are you being taxed heavily on the money that you withdraw from the company and invest in property? The problem – tax on money you pull out of a company  The problem I see with […]

Stamp duty when buying residential properties in a limited company

By Simon Misiewicz Are you looking to buy residential properties in a limited company? Are you painfully unaware of how much SDLT you will have to pay? Please note for the purposes of this article I have ignored the budget announcement about the 3% additional SDLT. The problem – Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) will […]

Paying yourself out of a limited company for 2016-17

Ways to get money out of a company There are several ways to get money out of a company in a tax efficient way Wages up to £8,060 provided you have no other form of employment income. £5,000 tax free dividends Contributions towards your own personal pensions Paying a wage £11,000 is the tax free […]

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