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Inheritance tax planning

Inheritance Tax toolkit for buy-to-let landlords – Part Two

By Louise Misiewicz Are you up-to-date with current IHT legislationin the UK? What advice is available for property investors on IHT? Last week, I wrote the first part in a series of blog articles offering an Inheritance Tax Toolkit for our buy-to-let landlord property investment blog readers, following a meeting with a new property investor […]

Transferring Your Main Home Into Trust For The Benefit Of Your Children

By Louise Misiewicz Are you concerned about inheritance tax (IHT)? Thinking about gifting your main home to your children? You may want to transfer your main home from your estate to your children, but don’t want to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) or IHT. Ordinarily, there will be a CGT liability if you wish to […]

Where Are Your Assets Going Upon Your Death? Get A Will

By Louise Misiewicz Do you have a Will in place? Do you know what happens if you don’t make a Will? One of my team of tax management and asset planning team came across an interesting statistic this week, and I wanted toshare it with you. According to the Law Society in their October 2014 […]

Who Manages Your Estate? Who Controls Your Assets?

By Louise Misiewicz Who works on your behalf to control your assets and manage your financial affairs? Who will manage your property / investment estate when you die? As a property investor, you may be creating a lot of wealth. If there has been significant capital growth, it is likely that you have amassed a lot […]

Inheritance Tax (IHT) Allowances Transferrable To Your Spouse

By Louise Misiewicz Has your spouse passed away without using their £325,000 IHT allowance? Are you looking at your own inheritance tax planning (IHT)? I’ve been discussing IHT planning with my team of property tax experts, and we came up with some interesting examples of how property investor clients could reduce their IHT liability in […]

Inheritance (IHT) Tax Planning – Getting The Basics In Place

By Louise Misiewicz Are you concerned about who will get hold of your assets? Are you considering why you should make a Will? One of the most popular topics of conversation with our property investor clients is always how to minimise inheritance tax, or IHT, so that the financial assets gained from property investment are passed […]

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