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Deed of Trust — Jointly Owned Properties Between Spouses

Relevant to the tax year 2017-18 By Louise Misiewicz Are you married/in a civil partnership? Do you own property investments between you? Is one person a higher rate and the other a basic rate taxpayer? If the answer to the above questions was yes, you may already be aware that you could be better off splitting your property […]

Changes to Capital Allowances

Are you buying a property that you can claim capital allowances for? Have you sold a property that you have claimed capital allowances for? What are capital allowances? Capital allowances are allowances for plant and machinery in a building. The building normally constitutes items such as: equipment machinery business vehicles, eg cars, vans or lorries […]

Limited Company The Best Structure For Tax And Wealth Planning

Are you looking to grow a property portfolio? Are you also looking to build family wealth? IHT, CGT and income tax destroys your family wealth As higher rate taxpayers you could be subject to 40% or even 45% income tax on the property profits that you work so hard to generate. Once the mortgage interest relief […]

Free Allowable Costs spreadsheet – Post The 2015 Budget

Are you unsure what costs may be offset against your tax bill? Do you want to avoid tax legally without HMRC breathing down your neck? The budget announcement changed an awful lot In previous years you could offset all of the mortgage interest you paid against your property income. If your property was furnished then you were […]

Minimise Capital Gains Tax (CGT) When Selling Property

By Simon Misiewicz Are you looking to sell some of your residential property investments? Are you looking to reduce your CGT bill? The problem — 28% CGT is a lot of tax to pay I wrote an extensive article about the budget changes and how many residential property investors, especially higher rate taxpayers, have been […]

The Best Structure For Your Property Business

Are you a contractor who pays tax on your dividends? Are you wondering if a limited company is the best structure to build your property empire? The basics of tax rates As you may know you will have to consider your tax position very carefully. The 2015-16 tax tables shown here provide us with the below […]

Ltd Co Dividends Bonus: 1st £5,000 Tax-Free

Are you paying tax on your dividends? Are you wondering if a limited company is right for you? The problem — tax on dividends If you are a higher rate taxpayer then you will pay 20% corporation tax and another 32.5% income tax.This is more than paying 40% tax in your own personal name. So, why […]

The Truth About Stamp Duty and Partnerships/LLPs

Have you heard about the latest craze of moving properties into a partnership to avoid capital gains tax (CGT) and stamp duty land tax (SDLT)? Have you heard how much it will cost? Does it all sound too good to be true or indeed confusing? I have been up and down the country attending property networking […]

Leases — Income Tax and CGT Implications

Do you own a freehold property and wish to split the property into more than one leasehold property? Or perhaps you are granting lease extensions or premiums? If you’re involved in this type of investment you’ll be aware there are tax liabilities, but the complexity of tax calculations in this area can be overwhelming. The problem — two types […]

Using A Discretionary Trust For Asset Protection And IHT Planning

By Louise Misiewicz Are you concerned about inheritance tax (IHT)? Do you wish to protect your family assets for your children? The problem – IHT can wipe out 40% of your family assets If you are not careful you could spend your life building up assets for your children and yet they’d end up having to give […]

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