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EIS investment advice

HMRC claims investment in Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) dropping

By Louise Misiewicz Are you considering EIS in addition to property investing? Do EIS schemes provide a consistent and stable return? A buy-to-let landlord client was discussing the merits of EIS schemes with me at the start of the week, and I wanted to see how they’ve been performing overall in the marketplace in recent […]

Benefits of EIS investment in 2017

By Louise Misiewicz What are the benefits of EIS investment in 2017? Is EIS a better option than property investment? I was discussing the benefits of EIS (Enterprise Investment Schemes) with a buy-to-let landlord client last week, and it’s clear that as we continue into 2017 EIS is big business. I was reading in the […]

Should property investors consider other options in 2017?

By Louise Misiewicz Are you concerned about property legislation and taxation? Wondering if other investments are worth considering in 2017? My team of property tax experts and wealth planners were discussing the amount of property legislation and new taxation measures introduced over the last 18 months – and whether other forms of investment might be […]

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