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Corporation Tax

The Best Structure For Your Property Business

Are you a contractor who pays tax on your dividends? Are you wondering if a limited company is the best structure to build your property empire? The basics of tax rates As you may know you will have to consider your tax position very carefully. The 2015-16 tax tables shown here provide us with the below […]

Budget announcement – March 2016v2

Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/budget-2016-some-of-the-things-weve-announced Tax bands: – Personal Allowance will increase to £11,500, and the higher rate threshold will rise to £45,000 in April 2017 Mortgage Interest Relief: – Mortgage interest relief will be limited to 20% tax relief. In basic terms for high rate tax payers this means that any mortgage interest you have will be halved as […]

Taking loans against your pension

Can my pension scheme make a loan? An occupational pension scheme that is a registered pension scheme can make a loan to the sponsoring employer or any party unconnected to the member. Any loan to a sponsoring employer should be secured and made on a commercial basis. There are five tests that are used to determine if a loan to […]

Using Multiple Limited Companies As A Property Investor

By Simon Misiewicz Are you unsure how to structure your property business? Is the thought of using a limited company a little daunting? You may wish to mitigate the budget announcement tax implications. Perhaps you saw the article I wrote on the budget announcement and as such you are looking to transfer properties into a limited […]

2015 Budget Announcement Video, Spreadsheet and Documents – FB

Budget Announcement  There are always going to be new announcements from HMRC that will affect your finances, wealth and tax situation. Budget busting workshop If you would like to attend our course please use the voucher code “Facebook33” to attend for just £299.95 instead of the website Price of £499.95. In this section you will […]

Minimise your property tax through limited companies

Are you a high tax paying employee or business owner? Do you own and rent Buy-to-Let (BTL) properties? There are many people like you that are paying 40%+ tax because of their successful careers and / or businesses. Having good cash flowing income from employment and businesses means that there are greater opportunities to buy […]

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