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Louise Misiewicz

Tax Consultant

19th April 2013

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 19th April 2013

Do you own an iPhone?

Is your iPhone going slow and would like to speed it up?

I appreciate that this is not my normal type of blog.

I am not claiming to be an expert in the field of phones or Apple Technologies.

I wrote this article because I was frustrated that it was taking me a very long time to perform the most basic function on my iPhone.

So without boring you silly here goes:

Improve speed of phone

1 – Remove all unused Apps on your iPhone because every one of them takes up memory space.
2 – On your phone, tap Settings > General > Usage
3 – Either delete the apps that is taking up the memory space or delete and re-install for it to take up less space.
4 – Delete all old text messages
5 – Close all your open apps (You may not even know they are open and taking up resource).

Double press the big round button and hold down on one of the apps once they appear.

Wherever you see a minus sign, press it, this will then close down the app and free up resource.

Improve battery life:

Disable the following:

1 – Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar
2 -Settings > Notifications

By the way, disabling the above two notification will not only improve your battery life, it will also help you with time management.

Do you stop what you are doing because your phone, pager and email beeps or flashes a notification that demands your immediate attention?

By disabling this keeps your focus on the real important stuff.

As I said before I am no expert in this field but I hope that the above helps improve the process speed of your iPhone like it did mine.

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