Non-Paying Tenants Are On The Increase


Louise Misiewicz

Tax Consultant

2nd July 2013

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 1st July 2013

Are your tenants paying you on time?

How can you ensure that you do not get affected by national void increases?

The government’s latest court statistics have shown that there was an average of a 12 per cent rise in the year up to May 2013 in the number of claims for money owed.

In a fifth of regions across the UK, there was even an increase amounting to more than 25 per cent (1).

What can the pro-active investor do to protect themselves?

  • Ensure that the tenants are pre-screened to ensure they are in a stable jobs
  • Check the news for the employers of your tenants
  • Work with tenants to discuss any financial problems that they may have and decide if they are short or long term issues

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(1) Increase In Volume Of Unpaid Rent

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