Ltd Co Dividends Bonus: 1st £5,000 Tax-Free


Simon Misiewicz

25th April 2016

Advice on tax free benefits for property investors from Optimise Accountants

Are you paying tax on your dividends?

Are you wondering if a limited company is right for you?

The problem — tax on dividends

If you are a higher rate taxpayer then you will pay 20% corporation tax and another 32.5% income tax.This is more than paying 40% tax in your own personal name. So, why would you set up a limited company just to pay more tax?

1st £5,000 dividends are tax-free

A rather surprising tax change in the budget announcement was that the first £5,000 in dividends will now be tax-free, irrespective of your earnings. As a higher rate taxpayer you may previously have thought twice about taking any money out of the company. Now that you can take £5,000 out of the company tax-free, why wouldn’t you?

Next steps — being more tax efficient

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