Growing Your Sales Through Networking


Louise Misiewicz

Tax Consultant

5th June 2013

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 5th June 2013

Are you looking to grow your sales?

Are you good around people?

Face to face communication with your customers is the best form of marketing as you are able to engage in conversation and allows them to ask questions about your product and services.

If you are nervous about speaking in public then a suggestion is for you to seek help from public speaking trainers that can help with confidence and with your communication and presentation. There is no one better to sell your product than yourself. 

If you know that your customers attend conferences, clubs or networking events then be sure to attend them yourself.

Once you have established a connection you will soon be able to build rapport and establish trust, which is one of the most fundamental aspects that people require before a purchase is made.

When I started as an accountant providing book keeping support to my clients, I attended a number of networking events. I was, at that time, very impatient and expected that people would throw their hard earned money at me to help them. My lack of patience led to my departure from many networking organisations. I still built up a number of clients through word of mouth but I am sure if I had nurtured relationships, built up rapport and trust, I would have secured even more clients. Networking with people can take many months but once you have established trust, done some work for networkers then they will pass the good word around about your products and services.Far more effectively than any other piece of advertising, especially if you are a service based.

One of the biggest fears is public speaking and getting up to introduce themselves in big crowds.

One of the tips I gave you previously is to think about the person that you are speaking to. This will help you de-focus from your own thoughts and feelings.

Also do remember that everyone that you see networking were not always experts in speaking in groups.

My advice is therefore to watch other people that are doing the best job of selling themselves, who seem to attract the most people to talk with them. One of the many reasons why some individuals have more people around them than others is because they are friends, approachable and actively listen to what others have to say. They may not have the best products to sell but they are likely to generate sales because of how they are being with others.

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