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Here is a list of the most talked about subjects

Allowable costs since the budget announcement 

Minimise CGT when selling a property

Minimise income tax and CGT using a deed of trust

Extracting cash and pay yourself out of a limited company from 2017-18

Transferring properties into a company, getting CGT Incorporation relief & SDLT reliefs

Why you should not incorporate your property business

Inheritance (IHT) Tax Planning – Getting The Basics In Place

VAT basics for property investors

Free spreadsheet calculation tools

Capital Gains Tax Calculator


Other key subjects

Income tax reduction

Video: deed of trusts

Video: Allowable costs

Allowable costs since the budget announcement 

Video: High rate tax payers investing in property

What structure to use for your property business

Investment options 

REITS – Real Estate Investment Trusts

Tax free investment benefits of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) 

HMRC Budget changes

Budget announcement – March 2016

Video: Budget announcement 

Limited Company set up & structure

Video: How to use a limited company  

Limited Company The Best Structure For Tax And Wealth Planning

Incorporation & CGT / SDLT reliefs

Why you should not incorporate your property business

Capital Gains Tax

Video: Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) the basics and planning

Incorporation relief

Why property investors should consider the Enterprise Investment Scheme

Wealth planning and asset protection

Discretionary Trusts

Wealth management and tax planning for property investors

Who Manages Your Estate? Who Controls Your Assets?

Child benefit and child care vouchers

Inheritance tax planning (IHT) & Family Planning

Inheritance (IHT) Tax Planning – Getting The Basics In Place

Transferring Your Main Home Into Trust For The Benefit Of Your Children

IHT400 – Questions you need to answer to ensure your IHT liability is correctly calculated

Retirement & Pensions: investments and tax relief

Tax relief on pension contributions 

Pension contributions additional benefits: Personal allowances, NI reductions, child benefit entitlement 

Pension contributions limited to £10,000 for high rate tax payers

Tax relief on SIPP pensions

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