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Frequently asked questions from property invetsors

Here is a list of the most talked about subjects

Tax tables

Income tax tables, personal allowances

Investment options

REITS – Real Estate Investment Trusts

Tax free investment benefits of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) 

Property financial performance

The importance of book keeping

Top 5 ratios for property investors

Managing maintenance costs to improve ROI

Understanding Return on Investment (ROI)

How to minimise voids to improve ROI

Administration & book keeping

How rental profits need to be calculated and recorded

HMRC Budget changes

Budget announcement – March 2016

Removal of the 10% wear & tear allowance

Income tax

How to use your personal allowances

Being tax efficient and getting a mortgage

Reduce your income tax liability in 2017

Reduce your tax through pension contributions

Using capital allowances to reduce your Income Tax

Using deed of trusts with your spouse

Using property losses to reduce tax

Allowable costs

Allowable costs post the 2015 budget announcement 

Reduce your tax on your refurbishment costs

Allocating the cost of cars: buy, lease, mileage

Keyperson Inusrance costs within a limited company

Structuring your property investments

Structuring your property business

Property investments for high rate tax payers

Limited Company set up & structure

Limited Company The Best Structure For Tax And Wealth Planning

Considerations when starting a limited company

Incorporation & CGT / SDLT reliefs

Flipping properties & entrepreneurs relief

Using two limited companies 1) buy and hold 2) flips

Rent to rent strategy – yours and other people’s properties

Why you should not incorporate your existing properties

Limited company – running and changes

Paying yourself a wage from a limited company

Loans between limited companies

Tax consequences of making changes in shares / ownership 

Paying your children

Making changes to a limited company

Notifying HMRC of shares allocations and debebture loans

Limited companies & ATED

Are You Ready For ATED? Additional Tax On Residential Properties Owned Within A Company

Joint Ventures

Splitting profits with your JV partner

How to structure your joint venture

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) the basics and planning

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Private Residency Relief (PRR) for non-UK residents

Capital Gains Tax when splitting up your own house into flats

Developing properties on your own land

Incorporation & CGT / SDLT reliefs

Tax consequences of making changes in shares / ownership 

CGT for non UK residents

Capital Gains Tax – Mitigation

Transferring properties to family members

Flipping properties & entrepreneurs relief

Incorporation relief

Delayed completions 

Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) CGT mitigation

Why property investors should consider the Enterprise Investment Scheme

Move back into the property

Passing Buy to Let properties to children via a trust to avoid SDLT & CGT

Wealth planning and asset protection

Discretionary Trusts

Setting Up A Trust To Pay For Your Child’s Private Education

Passing Buy to Let properties to children via a trust to avoid SDLT & CGT

Where Are Your Assets Going Upon Your Death? Get A Will

Who Manages Your Estate? Who Controls Your Assets?

Inheritance tax planning (IHT) & Family Planning

Inhetence tax (IHT) allowances for homes increaing to £500,000 per person

Inheritance (IHT) Tax Planning – Getting The Basics In Place

Passing Buy to Let properties to children via a trust to avoid SDLT & CGT

How to reduce inheritance tax in 2017

IHT and transferring / selling properties

Transfer your IHT allowances to your spouse

Tax free investing for your children

Tax consequences of making changes in shares / ownership in your limited company

Transferring Your Main Home Into Trust For The Benefit Of Your Children

Stamp Duty Land Tax – General

Reduce SDLT by identifying chattels within the property

3% SDLT for second houses

Delayed completions 

Reducing SDLT on removable items

Beat SDLT and build your own home

Passing Buy to Let properties to children via a trust to avoid SDLT & CGT

Stamp Duty Land Tax – Limited Companies

Reduce SDLT when buying properties – buy the company

Ways to minimise SDLT

Incorporation & CGT / SDLT reliefs

Stamp Duty Land Tax – Commercial (plus convert to resi)

Commercial to residential conversions to minimise SDLT, IHT and income tax

Ways to minimise SDLT

SDLT on commercial properties & mixed use properties

Pensions investments and tax relief

SIPP pensions and commercial property investments

Tax relief on pension contributions 

Pension contributions limited to £10,000 for high rate tax payers

Tax relief on SIPP pensions

How to set up a SIPP pension

The Truth About Using SSAS Pensions and Buying Residential Investments

How Commercial Properties Can Outperform Residential Using A SIPP

Utilising Your UnCrystallised Pension In A Tax Efficient Way

VAT – General

VAT basics for property investors

 5% VAT on empty properties

Making money using flat rated VAT

5% VAT on HMOs and bedsits

VAT – Property developments

Commercial to residential conversions to minimise SDLT, IHT and income tax

5% VAT on property developments

Claiming back 100% VAT of your property development costs

Remove VAT from the cost of buying a commercial property

Property strategies – For high rate tax payers

Investments for high rate tax payers

Property Strategies – HMOs

What You Should Know Before Buying A HMO

Cut VAT from 20% to 5% on conversions HMOs & bedsits

Claim Capital allowances on your HMO

Should you invest in a student property 

Property strategies – Flats above a shop

Beat the Budget Changes With a Flat Above a Shop

Property strategies – Holiday lets

Are holiday lets the next big thing?

The highs and lows of holiday lets

Holiday lets count towards income for pension contribution purposes 

Property strategies – Flips & developments

Commercial to residential conversions to minimise SDLT, IHT and income tax

Property development – CIS

Flipping properties 

Commercial to residential conversions

Contaminated land

Convert commercial properties into residential to decrease VAT & SDLT

Beat SDLT and build your own home

Property Strategies – Garages

Make money form renting out garages

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