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Simon Misiewicz

1st July 2015

Blog courtesy of Howard Bowes

At Harvey Bowes, we have no ties to anyone but you, our client. As a genuinely whole of market broker, we search the whole of the market to find the most compelling mortgage option to meet your goals. This means looking beyond price comparison tables (which only include lenders who pay to be there). It also means searching not only every mainstream lending source, but also those boutique lenders who offer alternatives to the mainstream options. Lenders generally have specific underwriting requirements for larger loans, which differs from the mainstream criteria. For some high street lenders this applies for loans at just £300,000. For other lenders it may be £500,000 or more.

And when it comes to executive mortgages, Harvey Bowes offer a specialised service for advice, recommendation and implementation which is designed to identify a simple route to producing the required result, despite potentially complex circumstances.  We understand that your income streams may be varied and we liaise directly with decision-making underwriters in some of the UK’s largest high street mortgage lenders when constructing a funding proposal for an executive mortgage.


High net worth lending is a specialist field and the service available from Harvey Bowes brings you choice of lenders and expertise. From the high street to specialist and boutique lenders, there are many solutions. We have the experience to construct a deal which can present even the most complex and sophisticated revenue streams in the most appealing format for a lenders underwriters. Bonus income, Trust fund income and retained profit are just some of the avenues that are not considered by all lenders, but are by some. From applicants with more than one business, to multiple revenue streams resulting from investment or off-shore income, there are mortgage lenders willing to accept many varying circumstances. However, as one would expect, the lender criteria differs and it is therefore important to take your advice from a mortgage broker fluent in this field. Even where you have private banking facilities, we may still be able to put a better deal on the table. There is certainly nothing to lose by talking to us, and there could be a considerable gain.

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We have a variety of case studies and testimonials which substantiate the exceptional service and success we have delivered in this field.

The Harvey Bowes executive mortgage service can also be used to arrange  a remortgage, whereby a home owner may look at improving a mortgage deal, or release capital for a variety of reasons.

We can also advise on and arrange secured loans. This is a useful option if your current mortgage is at a better rate than the current alternatives and you are looking to raise further funds. A secured loan can be arranged for a variety of purposes including debt consolidation, business investment or to make capital purchases such as a vehicle or boat.

Do you have all or most of your borrowing with one bank? Although a solid relationship with a bank is a good foundation for successful business, it may also be a costly way to arrange your affairs. By considering alternative lenders, one can build a profile with other lending institutions and potentially increase the competition to win your finance business. Talk to Harvey Bowes today about both commercial and personal borrowing. Our job is to make sure you have the right options available and that your borrowing is competitive—why pay a bank more interest than you might have to?

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