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Finance & Tax Mastery Workshop

  • Date: 5th March 2016
  • Time: 9am
  • Location: London Euston
  • Event Length: Full Day
  • Price: Various
Event Description

Are you fed up with trying to get a simple understanding and answer to how to deal with all the different types of UK tax and how they affect you? Do you feel there is more out there to bamboozle and confuse you than truly help you find and implement safe and legal tax minimisation strategies? Would you like to know how to understand & maximise your property profits based on the latest government budget announcements? Would you like to know the finance basics so you feel comfortable and confident when dealing with your tax and estate planning affairs and advisors?


We decided to simplify the world of tax to property investors after listening to our clients and their questions over the years.  See if any of the below questions our clients ask us regularly are the types of questions you’ve asked yourself from time to time:

  • How does the latest UK budget announcement impact me?
  • Which costs can I offset against my property income and therefore reduce my tax bill?
  • Is this a capital or a revenue cost and what does it mean to my tax return?
  • How do I keep on top of my administration and receipts?
  • How am I best to pay myself and what tax implications will this have over other options?
  • When should I be using a limited company?
  • How long do I need to keep receipts?
  • How can I track my cash flow without needing fancy software/an accountancy degree?
  • How do I avoid paying Capital Gains Tax?

Having run this mastery course for all our clients and received rave reviews we are now offering this workshop to all property investors fed up with paying too much tax.


Once you have completed this one day mastery event you will know:

  • Which administration tools are the most suitable to keep track of your paper work and finances – some of which are less than £10 lifetime cost – some are even free!
  • What costs can be legally offset against your tax bill annually or at the sale of a property in your portfolio
  • The difference between income and capital cost items and how to use them to best effect to reduce different types of tax
  • How to reduce your tax using deed of trusts and paying family members to assist you in your business success
  • When and how limited companies should be used and knowing the trigger signs to start up or close down a limited company
  • How to reduce your VAT costs on refurbishment works from 20% to 5% or even 0% at the time you pay your bill

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Our course promises: We will only allow a maximum of 60 attendees at each course we run to make sure everyone gets a good understanding of what we teach. We run only 1 course per year outside of London and just 2 courses in London. We know that to cement your learning when you leave the workshop our support to you must continue.  How do we do this?  You will be given access to The Vault accessible through our website. The Vault houses a wealth of the latest property taxation and accountancy knowledge written for property professionals by the UK’s premier ‘property investor only’ accountancy firm.  We have produced over 100 pieces of material ranging from workshop recordings, webinar videos, ebooks and excel templates.  All of these tools will assist you in reconfirming your understanding from the mastery session and help you identify ways of making more money and paying less tax on your property portfolio. The Vault will be accessible to you for 1 year after you have attended the workshop. Please keep in mind we sell this tool on its own at £297. You will receive this for FREE. Please don’t wait to see the Sold out sign.  We ask that if this course will benefit you from all you read above please book NOW to avoid disappointment. What you will get:

  • Peace of mind that you know the best and very latest HMRC approved ways to mitigate tax related to your property portfolio
  • Opportunity to meet like minded property investors and hear their experiences and examples of tax mitigation plans where appropriate brought to life that will be of benefit to you
  • A full day’s direct access to Simon Misiewicz – founder of Optimise Accountants and key speaker at the workshop
  • Folder with all the slides from the workshop
  • Free teas and coffees at breaks
  • Free lunch
  • Free access to The Vault

Tickets £499.95 for the one day course includes all the above £299.95 Early bird offer (limited time and limited number of tickets) £99.95 Virtual Ticket. You can attend and interact from the comfort of your own home. Materials sent through email

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