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Are Doctors, GPs and Dentists Losing Out On Revenue?


Simon Misiewicz

8th December 2017

By Simon Misiewicz

Article relevant to the tax year 2017/18

Are you as a dentist, GP or doctor earning all that you can?

Could you be earning more if you had the right resources in place?

I believe that GPs, doctors and dentists are losing out on revenue needlessly because:

  • Clients are unable to book treatments out of hours
  • Reception desk is too busy to take calls and are asking the wrong questions
  • Telephone lines are engaged and new clients are lost

I feel it is a waste of time to advertise medical professional services if there is no one to take the treatment orders from potential or existing clients.

Lets Take Dr Wasteful. She has set up a private Practice after working with the NHS for far too long and wishes to be rewarded properly for her time in the medical profession. She has a part-time receptionist and leaves the answer machine on for the rest of the time. He is disgruntled by the fact that she has paid lots of money to a marketing agency that promised her significant client calls.

The truth of the matter is that potential clients tried to call into the Practice. They were unable to get through because the phone was engaged or the answer machine message was not effective and customers hung up.

If no one is there to take the call, then I would suggest that it is pointless paying for advertisements, irrespective of how good your service is.

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Using automated systems and Virtual PA’s to increase revenue for your medical practice

After a period of time, Dr Wasteful decided to speak with a business consultant to help her understand what was going wrong with her business. After a few days of analysis the business consultant identified that there were a number of unanswered calls and that there was no one available for people to answer the phone.

It was agreed that Dr Wasteful would use an online booking system so that existing clients that already knew of her Practice would book treatments online and pay for them immediately.

This was very convenient to her clients, as they could book time with her whenever it was convenient for them. Dr Wasteful was still able to block out time for her personal endeavours and Acuity scheduling, just one of the online booking systems, only allowed one client booking at a time and allocated time and cost for each type of treatment.

Dr Wasteful also made a significant change for any new potential clients that wanted to understand more about her services. She used a virtual assistant that meant a call centre would receive all inbound calls.

They had a script that was designed by Dr Wasteful and they were able to discuss the needs of a client from a top level so that calls may be booked in with Dr Wasteful.

After a two-month period, revenues for medical practice had tripled and her conversion rates of potential clients to lasting relationships also increased as every touch point of the client experience improved immediately.

I wrote another article about how GPs can make more money by changing the services that alter the services they provide. It is worth reading this article

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