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Free Allowable Costs spreadsheet – Post The 2015 Budget

Are you unsure what costs may be offset against your tax bill? Do you want to avoid tax legally without HMRC breathing down your neck? The budget announcement changed an awful lot In previous years you could offset all of the mortgage interest you paid against your property income. If your property was furnished then you were […]

Claim 150% Tax Relief For Fixing Contaminated Land

Imagine this scenario – you’ve just had a surveyor’s report back and it suggests the warehouse you’re interested in turning into flats is filled with asbestos, or the overgrown garden is hiding a rampant growth of Japanese knotweed. Problem or opportunity? It’s well-known this type of discovery would likely scare off many lenders, and hence […]

Top 8 Tax Allowable Property Running Costs You Need To Know

Are you fed up of paying too much tax? Are you worried about getting it wrong with HMRC? The Diagnosis The problem we all face is knowing what costs can be offset against your property profits. The less profits you have, the less tax you pay. It is that simple. As such there may be […]

Using LNPG To Reduce Refurb Costs

Posted by Jake Leversuch on 14th May 2015 Are you paying too much money for the refurbishments on your properties? Is this damaging your return on investment for your property portfolio? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider becoming a member of the Landlords National Property Group (LNPG). LNPG offer guaranteed savings […]

HMRC To Pay For Your Next Property – Capital Allowances

19th February 2015 – Simon Misiewicz Are you feeling the pain of being a high rate tax payer? Are you being taxed twice a) PAYE and on b) property income? The Diagnosis Tax issues need to be diagnosed in order to be understood and a remedy implemented. If you are earning a decent wage from your […]

Claim More On Your HMO Refurbishment Works – AIA

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 24th April 2014 Does the cost of refurb give you a hernia? Would reclaiming cost of refurb provide some relief? The Diagnosis Tax issues need to be diagnosed and understood for a remedy to be implemented. In most cases property investors have residential properties whereby they can claim replacement and […]

Safe guard your ROI when refurbishing a property

Are you looking to maximise the Return on Investment (ROI) on your property investments? Is the cost of refurbishment an important factor when calculating your ROI? Have you have answered yes? Then this article is for you. Many of my clients (and indeed myself) in the past have spent more money on refurbishing a property […]

5% VAT On Refurb Costs – On Empty Properties

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 10th August 2013 Are you carrying out refurbishment works on your investment properties? Are you paying more tax than you should be? HMRC Reference: Notice 708 – Section 7 (4) There are many property investors / landlords that are simply paying more VAT than they need to. Equally trades people […]

Claim 100% refurbishment costs against your property income

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 10th August 2013 Are you looking to buy an investment property in the future? Are you going to be refurbishing the property? I wrote an article some time ago entitled “HMRC 2013 changes to capital allowances – how does it affect you?” which outlined the fact that people with investment […]

HMRC 2013 Changes to Capital Allowances

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 8th July 2013 Do you buy properties that need refurbishment works? Would you like to use the latest know how to reduce your tax bill through capital allowances? There are many people that are buying properties as an investment. There are many landlords and property investors that have accountants. The […]

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