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Traits of a successful property investor in 2020 – Part 5

By Louise Misiewicz How will successful property investors grow during 2020? What are the traits for successful property investment? I’m writing this as the penultimate article in a series of blog posts on what will be required to be a successful property investor in 2020. You can read the first week’s blog instalment here – […]

Gifting Buy To Let Properties To Children Without Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Using Trusts

By Louise Misiewicz Are you worried about the mortgage interest relief cap and how it will affect your personal tax position? Are you concerned about inheritance tax (IHT)? You may want to transfer properties from your estate to your children but do not wish to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and would like to avoid […]

How will new tax bracket rules affect property investors?

My team of property tax accountant experts at Optimise Accountants came across an interesting industry article this week, and I’ve decided to highlight it further for our property investment blog readers here. The news article – which can be read in full here – examines how new tax bracket rules could potentially affect property investors […]

How changes in TOGC affect transferring assets for property investors

As the company founder and one of the property tax specialists at Optimise Accountants I came across an interesting series of news items today, and having reviewed them and considered the implications on our buy-to-let property investment clients, I wanted to share the updates on transferring assets on property. What is TOGC? By formal definition, […]

Private Residence Relief changes for non residents – are you ready?

Louise, one of my property tax experts at Optimise Accountants, emailed me this week with information on Private Residence Relief, and the potential impact on one of our clients. The details highlighted by Louise are so pertinent and relevant for our buy-to-let property investor clients, that I wanted to highlight Louise’s example with our property […]

Free Allowable Costs spreadsheet – Post The 2015 Budget

Are you unsure what costs may be offset against your tax bill? Do you want to avoid tax legally without HMRC breathing down your neck? The budget announcement changed an awful lot In previous years you could offset all of the mortgage interest you paid against your property income. If your property was furnished then you were […]

New Strategies For Property Investors To Minimise Tax, SDLT and VAT

By Simon Misiewicz Are you sick and tired of the fact that the level of tax seems to be increasing with every budget announcement? Would you like to be even more tax efficient than ever before? 2015 budget changes = more tax The budget announcement had a number of implications for property investors, which I […]

Tax Efficient Use Of Your Personal Allowances

By Simon Misiewicz Did you know that you can reduce your taxable income through your personal allowances? The problem – not many people take advantage of their allowances When you do your self assessment you take into account all of your personal income, your costs and your taxable profit. This will allow you to work out […]

Stamp duty when buying residential properties in a limited company

By Simon Misiewicz Are you looking to buy residential properties in a limited company? Are you painfully unaware of how much SDLT you will have to pay? Please note for the purposes of this article I have ignored the budget announcement about the 3% additional SDLT. The problem – Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) will […]

Property Development On Your Own Land

By Simon Misiewicz Are you confused about how to structure your property development project when it comes to tax? Are you worried that you will pay a vast amount of tax? The problem — developing land may be seen as self-employment trading People who develop land often wrongly assume any profits will not be subject to […]

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