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Commercial Versus Residential Property

The residential property experts at Optimise Accountants are focusing on some recent news on this blog post, to highlight the Pros and Cons of changes for property investors across the UK. The last 18 months have brought some unexpected bad news for the residential property investment sector. First there was the announcement of the cap […]

Using Direct Debits Through GoCardless And Paypal To Receive Your Rental Income

Posted by Edd Wright on 2nd June 2015 Do you spend most of your precious free time chasing tenants to pay their rent, when you could spend this time enjoying the benefits of your hard work? If this is the case, then we have a solution! The Diagnosis Having taken on a new project, you […]

Your Next Property Could Kill Your ROI

12th March 2015 – Simon Misiewicz Are you hunting for new properties to increase your cash flow and financial wealth? Do you really know much money you are making on your property portfolio? The Diagnosis There are a lot of property investors out there that are looking for new deals. The reason for this is clearly […]

Book Keeping And Accounts For Property Investors

29th January 2015 By Simon Misieiwcz Are you confused with HMRC requirements for record keeping? Are you feeling anxious because you are falling behind on your admin, administration & accounts? If you are responsible for the numbers in your business it is imperative that you keep good records. There are no rules on how you […]

10 Properties, £2,000 Net Cash Flow Or 15% ROI – What Is More Important?

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 7th May 2014 Do you have your fingers on your financial pulse? Are you putting a plaster on a sceptic wound? The Diagnosis I meet a lot of property investors and I ask, “What are your ultimate plans for your property investment strategy? Their reply is varied: • 10 properties […]

The importance of good book keeping to manage your ROI

12th February 2013 by Simon Misiewicz Is Return on Investment important (ROI) to you? Do you give your receipts to your accountants at the end of the year? If you have answered yes to both of these questions then there is an immediate issue. If you only give your accountant a bag of receipts at […]

How significant are voids to your property financial performance?

15th December 2013 by Simon Misiewicz Do you have voids in your property portfolio? Are you actually making the Return on Investment (ROI)? Voids are periods of time that your property remains vacant. If your property is vacant then you will not be collecting rent and your asset can become a liability. We will go […]

Making More Money And Paying Less Tax On Your HMO Property Investment

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 24th September 2013   Would you like to make more money from your existing property portfolio? Would you like to know the pros and cons of owning HMOs? What is a HMO? Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), are residential properties where ‘common areas’ exist and are shared by more than […]

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