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Property investors: Are you really a partnership?

  By Simon Misiewicz Article relevant to the tax year 2018/19 Are you thinking of forming a partnership for your property investments? Have you met the key conditions to be considered a true partnership? There are many property investors that are thinking of forming a partnership with their spouse or joint venture partners. One of […]

Putting Properties into a Trust

Are you concerned about the budget announcement? Are you looking for a solution to minimise tax? Do you hear many different views on how to use trusts? The problem – property investors are being targeted by George Osborne The budget announcement is going to have a major bearing on how you set up your property […]

Tax Reliefs Demystified

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 5th June 2013 Would you like to know how to mitigate your tax now and in the future? Is today the day that you pause and identify the activities to save your future from tax? Tax is complex. Tax is difficult. We do not have enough time in the day […]

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