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Life Insurance And Inheritance Tax (IHT) Implications

By Louise Misiewicz Do you have life insurance? Will your life insurance cause you an IHT headache? Many people will buy life insurance to pay out on the event of their death. There are good reasons why this would be beneficial: Pay off mortgages on buy-to-let property investments Pay of any IHT liabilities Many property […]

Gifting Buy To Let Properties To Children Without Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Using Trusts

By Louise Misiewicz Are you worried about the mortgage interest relief cap and how it will affect your personal tax position? Are you concerned about inheritance tax (IHT)? You may want to transfer properties from your estate to your children but do not wish to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and would like to avoid […]

Transferring Your Main Home Into Trust For The Benefit Of Your Children

By Louise Misiewicz Are you concerned about inheritance tax (IHT)? Thinking about gifting your main home to your children? You may want to transfer your main home from your estate to your children, but don’t want to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) or IHT. Ordinarily, there will be a CGT liability if you wish to […]

Setting Up A Trust To Pay For Your Child’s Private Education

By Louise Misiewicz Are you planning on sending your child to a private school? Worried how much it will cost, or extra tax you might pay? A lot of people, including myself, are thinking about sending our children to private schooling. The cost can range significantly per term across the UK but let’s assume that […]

Where Are Your Assets Going Upon Your Death? Get A Will

By Louise Misiewicz Do you have a Will in place? Do you know what happens if you don’t make a Will? One of my team of tax management and asset planning team came across an interesting statistic this week, and I wanted toshare it with you. According to the Law Society in their October 2014 […]

Who Manages Your Estate? Who Controls Your Assets?

By Louise Misiewicz Who works on your behalf to control your assets and manage your financial affairs? Who will manage your property / investment estate when you die? As a property investor, you may be creating a lot of wealth. If there has been significant capital growth, it is likely that you have amassed a lot […]

How to reduce inheritance tax in 2017

By Louise Misiewicz How to decrease inheritance tax in 2017 My team of tax accountancy property experts have received more and more emails recently from clients concerned about their level of liability around inheritance tax in 2017. So I thought I’d put together a few simple tips on how to minimise inheritance tax in 2017 […]

Limited Company The Best Structure For Tax And Wealth Planning

Are you looking to grow a property portfolio? Are you also looking to build family wealth? IHT, CGT and income tax destroys your family wealth As higher rate taxpayers you could be subject to 40% or even 45% income tax on the property profits that you work so hard to generate. Once the mortgage interest relief […]

Tax Planning Around Business And Families — CGT/IHT Mitigation

Do you own assets that will eventually be passed on to your children? Are you worried about inheritance tax? The problem — capital gains tax (CGT) & inheritance tax (IHT) Many parents throughout the UK wish to transfer assets to their children now to avoid inheritance tax (IHT) in the future and we receive many […]

Using A Discretionary Trust For Asset Protection And IHT Planning

By Louise Misiewicz Are you concerned about inheritance tax (IHT)? Do you wish to protect your family assets for your children? The problem – IHT can wipe out 40% of your family assets If you are not careful you could spend your life building up assets for your children and yet they’d end up having to give […]

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