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Where Are Your Assets Going Upon Your Death? Get A Will

By Louise Misiewicz Do you have a Will in place? Do you know what happens if you don’t make a Will? One of my team of tax management and asset planning team came across an interesting statistic this week, and I wanted toshare it with you. According to the Law Society in their October 2014 […]

What Does Brexit Mean For Commercial Property Investors?

My team of property tax specialists at Optimise Accountants have been taking a closer look at commercial property this week, as it’s been getting some bad press recently. Confidence in the sector has been hit hard by the UK’s shock vote to leave the EU. In the run-up to and immediate aftermath of the Brexit […]

How Commercial Properties Can Outperform Residential Using A SIPP

If you’re a client or a regular reader of my property investment and property tax blog, you may have seen one of the previous articles I’ve written about the benefits of investing in commercial properties using a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). I’ve advised clients for years to consider taking control of their pension funds to […]

Limited Company The Best Structure For Tax And Wealth Planning

Are you looking to grow a property portfolio? Are you also looking to build family wealth? IHT, CGT and income tax destroys your family wealth As higher rate taxpayers you could be subject to 40% or even 45% income tax on the property profits that you work so hard to generate. Once the mortgage interest relief […]

Tax Efficient Use Of Your Personal Allowances

By Simon Misiewicz Did you know that you can reduce your taxable income through your personal allowances? The problem – not many people take advantage of their allowances When you do your self assessment you take into account all of your personal income, your costs and your taxable profit. This will allow you to work out […]

Mitigate Capital Gains Tax with EIS Investments for CGT disposals after April 2017

Relevant to tax year 2017/18 By Simon Misiewicz Are you looking to sell a buy to let property investment? Are you worried about the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) bill you’re likely to face? Paying CGT has a negative impact on your cash flow and may even change your decision as to whether or not you wish […]

Residential Property Investment For Higher Rate Taxpayers

By Simon Misiewicz Are you a higher rate taxpayer? Do you think about the fact that you have paid employment tax when you invest in residential properties? The practicalities of property investments and tax When I was a senior manager, and later when I moved into the world of consultancy, I regularly worked 60+ hours per […]

Recording Transactions Using A Limited Company (acting as a letting agent / rent to rent)

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 5th December 2014 Are you concerned over the complexities of running a property management company? Are you running a rent to rent or letting agent? I am going to demystify the complex world of running your book keeping / accounting for your limited company. I am also going to clarify what […]

Using Limited Companies – Finance and Banking

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 3rd March 2014 Do you have a headache thinking about setting up a limited company? The Diagnosis Tax issues need to be diagnosed in order for a remedy to be implemented. The main aspect of setting up a limited company in regards to finance and tax is: How much money […]

Being Tax Efficient v Getting Mortgage

Posted by Simon Misiewicz on 12th February 2014 Do you like paying minimal amount of tax? Are you looking to get a mortgage for your own home or Buy To Lets? We are all looking to be tax efficient whilst having the ability to get a mortgage for our investments as well as our own […]

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